Antelope Canyon - Page 3
Page, AZ
December 2004

As you approach the Canyon on foot, it is almost unnoticeable from even a few meters distance. You see only a small crack in the rock at the bottom of a dry streambed (above).

Closer inspection reveals a small metal ladder descending into the crack. It is barely wide enough for a person to squeeze through. A series of ladders and stairs takes you down into an unbelievably narrow canyon.

The sandstone bedrock has been intricately carved by the infrequent but often violent flow of water. It is sculpted into beautiful undulating curves and hollows that vary from one to three meters wide by up to 50 meters deep. The sunlight filtering down from above produces a myriad of soft colors and shadows. The effect is exquisitely beautiful.

This is a photographer's wonderland. You can follow the single passageway in this canyon for about a half a mile.

This is the "escape" ladder they installed at the far end of the canyon. Escaping from flash floods that is.