December 1995 to January 1996

Bali is that big island to the east of Java. It is about one hour's plane ride from Darwin and a favourite Australian destination. Once on a stop-over on my way to Manila, thinking that Bali is in the same time zone as Jakarta (Indonesia's capital to the west) when in fact it was one-hour ahead, I was almost left by my plane. They have to drive the stair-truck back and re-open the door of this jumbo plane to let me in while I was frantically running on the tarmac. For the next five times I was in Bali, I did not forget what time it was relative to Jakarta.

This is me in a sarong; it's a religious requirement (either that or I should have worn long pants) to be in this sacred Buddhist cave

Radienxe just outside our hotel (on our way to the US); typical Balinese architecture

at a scenic and touristy beach

in front of an exquisite Hindu temple (1/1996)

this is the car we rented for a day and comes with a driver who doubles as camera man

in our hotel room

something interesting enough for us to stop and take a picture