The Cat Ferry
From Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
To Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2003

The Cat ferry at Bar Harbor, Maine features a revolutionary new hull design and a stylish, comfortable interior.

The Cat ferry's port in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The Cat ferry's route map (lifted from their website).

Inside the waiting lot for cars. The Cat ferry has just arrived from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and we are lining up to board.

Aboard The Cat ferry. Our car was in the holding bay. The Cat is the only car ferry that can whisk 900 passengers, and up to 250 cars and 14 tour buses (or motor homes) across the ocean at highway sppeds.

Above is the layout of the ship (lifted from their website).

Good amenities and much roomier than airplanes. It does not have an open deck though and we are all enclosed inside.

The Cat ferry just leaving Bar Harbor, ME on its way to Yarmouth, NS. One way trip is a little under three hours.