Charleston, WV USA
July 2008

In front of the West Virginia's state capitol in Charleston, WV. The present Capitol took eight years to complete at a cost of just under $10 million.

Another state government building in this capitol complex.

The capitol building was constructed in three stages. The west wing was built in 1924-25; the east wing was constructed in 1926-27; and the rotunda connecting the wings was completed in 1930-32.

Statue of the still living US Senator Robert Byrd. The senator was declared "The West Virginian of the 20th Century" for his achievements related to him being the longest sitting member of the US Senate (over 40 years). This seniority got him the chairmanship of the appropriations committee and West Virginians are well taken care of in the federal budget.

Governor William G. Conley dedicated the new Capitol on the state's 69th birthday, June 20, 1932. The exterior of the classical-styled building is buff Indiana limestone. More than 700 train carloads of limestone and 4,640 tons of steel were used in its construction. The magnificent 293- foot gold dome which tops the structure is five feet higher than the dome of the U.S. Capitol. The entire dome is gilded in 14 karat gold leaf applied to the copper and lead roof in tiny 3 3/8 inch squares.