Chung Shan Province, China
August 1989

We had a side-trip to Chungsan, China during our stay in Hong Kong

Click on flag to listen to Chinese national anthem: March of the Volunteers.

this is Dr. Sun Yat Sen's residence (if you do not know who he is, then you do not deserve to know)

The sign reads (the English part): "The Tamarind Tree This tree was planted by Dr. Sun himself in 1883, the sampling of which was brought back by him from abroad when he returned from Honolulu."

a portrait of the revolutionary doctor

around the grounds of Dr. Sun Yat Sen's estate (above and below)

public market

a small attempt at capitalism; a stall selling panda t-shirts to tourists

at a shopping center; of course very modest compared to American malls

the locals during rush hour

around town

I can not remember what this building was . . .

a shade under the Chinese sun