Another Farewell Party
Cubao, Quezon City
January 1989

my last night in the Philippines; Jojo Isip, Glen's girlfriend, Glen, the Webmaster, cousin Ronnie (seated behind), and childhood friend and neighbor Nelson

outside our Cubao apartment: Ronnie, another childhood friend Ipe (Pamiloza), brother Jay, Rosalie, me, friend from Ateneo Gerry Ventanilla, Doro (1964-1998), brother-in-law Larry (partially hidden), and teacher-friend from Ateneo Yulber Beronque with my niece Jazmine

Rosalie in our kitchen

Rosalie took the picture this time with Nelson added standing behind me

Rhonie, Jazmine, Arville, and Jay

Ipe, Doro, Larry, and Yulber

Jojo Isip and Gerry Ventanilla, my best friends from college

me, Arville, Jazmine and Rex, Jojo