The De Guzman Clan of California
California USA

the De Guzman sisters, Letty (ninang), Rosie (diche), Josie (my mother), a friend, and (tita) Nene (seated)

the matriarch of the De Guzman clan "Nanay" and cousin Lot; Nanay died in 1995 at the age of 92

in the Rivada residence in Orange

in front of my brother's house in Palmdale (Xmas 1995)

the beautiful De Guzman women

at the Rivada residence October 1992. I still remember Nanay's stories from "peace time" the period before World War 2 when the Philippines was an American colony.

at the Rivada residence, me, Ninong Arthur, Kuyang, and cousin Ricky Rivada

me, my oldest brother Allyson, family friend Bien, my youngest brother Jay, and cousin Arville