My Officemates in Darwin
Northern Territory
August 1988

my officemates at NT Treasury; the guy near me with the beard is my boss Ric Wadrop;

for this picture, I was allowed to sit on my boss' desk. I worked for Ric Wadrop for six and a half years.

from left: Paul Patteson, Carolyn Harris, Jane Kirkup, Gloria, Heather Dalzell, me, Mark Chin

my work station; we have been transferred to three different locations but I always had this desk for eight years

my fellow programmer and colleague Jane Kirkup

during the good old days, smoking is still allowed in the office; a few years later the practict was banished; Sean Palmer, Jane Kirkup, Ric Wadrop, me, and Grant Harrington

with Carolyn Harris

These are my fellow filipino colleagues, although they worked in a different department and building. From left: husband and wife Freddie and Lillian Cruz, and wife and husband Mila and Oscar Parian