April 1988

I went on a bus trip (7-8 hours each way) on my week-end while I was in the United Kingdom during my work stint in London to Edinburgh, the capital and the second largest city in Scotland (after the industrial center of Glasgow). It is, however, Scotland's financial, cultural, educational, and service-industry hub. Among the city's manufactures are paper, whisky, electrical and electronic equipment, food products, and chemicals.

Scotland the Brave!

The Scott monument, along Princess Street.

The Edinburgh Castle, historically the principal royal fortress of Scotland, perched on Castle Rock, a massive volcanic rock that towers dramatically over the city of Edinburgh. Overlooking the North Sea, the rock has long occupied a key strategic position on the North Sea inlet called the Firth of Forth.

walking to the castle

from the castle overlooking the city

portrait of Charles I (inside the castle)

By sheer luck, I chanced upon my long lost cousins from the treacherous branch of my extended family tree! We decided to have a family photo and exchanged ideas on how Scotland will regain its independence from the British monarch.