Bautista Family Reunion
Norfolk, MA
December 2003

First time we had a photo opportunity in a long time. This one on Christmas Day of 2003 beside our house.

From left to right: The Webmaster, my Aunt Rosie, then group of three from top to bottom is Rosalie, Radienxe, and Qzedell; continuing to the right is my brother-in-law Gil and wife Joy (my sister), Chelsea, Papa (family patriarch), Mama, brother Jay, nephew Carlo (Joy's son), Lou and husband Erwin (my brother) and their son Artzel.

Taken nearly 20 years earlier in Baguio City, Philippines in April 1974. Only my sister Daisy (left-most) is missing in the reunion. She is in the Philippines.

Just like the Corleones, we do not discuss business in the dining table.

Christmas feast.

Brother Jay helped me pick up this brand new Toyota Sienna.