Fort York - Page 2
Toronto, ON
July 2006

The Battle of York 1813
Loyal residents of York (Toronto) were encouraged by early British victories in the War of 1812, but in 1813 they experienced first-hand the hardships of war. On the morning of April 27, an American fleet appeared offshore and began to send 1,700 soldiers ashore two kilometres west of here. At first, only a small force of Ojibwa warriors was in position to resist the landing. After fierce skirmishing the invaders advanced, overcoming defensive stands by outnumbered British and Canadian troops. As they closed in on the main garrison near here, the retreating British ignited a gunpowder storehouse. It exploded killing 38 Americans and wounding 222 more. Victorious nonetheless, the Americans occupied York for six days. They looted and set buildings ablaze, including the Parliament Buildings.