Founders Hall
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
July 2007

I never got so well informed about Canada's formation until I went thru this pavillion. The text below were lifted from their website:

In 1864, delegates to the Charlottetown Conference arrived at this historic Waterfront on board the HMCS Queen Victoria. Today, it is the site of Founders’ Hall – Canada’s Birthplace Pavilion, a new heritage attraction and retail boutique that tells the story of Canada from its inception in 1864 up until modern day.

The twenty-three enterprising men, known as The Fathers of Confederation, shared the vision for a great country. The heated political debate and social banter of the Charlottetown Conference gave birth to the country we now know as Canada.

Founders’ Hall is a tribute to Charlottetown’s important role in Canadian history as "The Birthplace of Confederation".

At Founders’ Hall, "The Time Travel Tunnel" transports visitors back in time, leading them through the pages of Canadian history, starting with the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 and concluding with the joining of Nunavut in 1999.

Founders’ Hall uses multi-media, innovation and modern day technology to engage visitors in the history of Canada and its growing pains.

News reports and theatre tell the tale of politics and people, while special headsets narrate your passage through state of the art displays, holovisuals, on-screen trivia games, drawers, cupboards and much more! It’s a multisensory experience that makes learning history fun and entertaining.

Founders’ Hall is located in restored 1906 building that was formerly a CN rail car repair shop on the Historic Charlottetown Waterfront.