Pistol Club
Darwin NT
January 1992

These are my pistol club gear. one 9mm and one .22 cal. I reload my own bullets with that press. I can do about 300 rounds in about 2 hours.

at the shooting range with my cousin Ronnie practicing some shots

we are picking up the spent shells for recycling/reloading; a shell will last more than 20 reloading/shooting cycles before it cracks and become unusable; it is also the most expensive part of the bullet

here are the ingredients to make bullets; 1) the empty shell, 2) the primer (that piece in the bottom that gets hammered and provides the spark), 3) the gunpowder, 4) the projectile and 5) pressing apparatus to put them together. Do not try this at home as it is dangerous to the uninitiated.

Rosalie will give it a shot, literally!

it's easy, you just have to aim at the bull's eye!