Halifax Harbour Hopper
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2003

Bostonians will be familiar to these Vietnam War amphibious boats. The ride/tour is called "Duck Tours" in Boston. Here in Halifax, they are "Harbour Hoppers" and has a frog for a mascot.

This is our comedian tour guide. According to the Harbour Hopper's website, these amphibious boats were built for the military during the Vietnam war era 1963-1970. Their original purpose was to transport cargo and soldiers from supply ships anchored up to a mile and a half off shore onto the beaches and jungles of Vietnam.

There were approximately 900 built at a total cost to the U.S. government of almost $900 million. Nearly 500 of these units were destroyed and 200 are still owned and are being refurbished by the government for continued use. Of the remaining 200 almost half have been dismantled and are only shells leaving 100 scattered worldwide (some in Boston).

That is the McDonald Bridge.

Now on land.

The Harbour Hopper as seen from the boardwalk.

The Larc V was designed primarily to be a boat that was capable of being driven on land; it was the most stable amphibious vehicle ever built.
The Larc V Specifications
Material: Aluminum
Height with Top: 12 feet
Land Speed: 28 m.p.h
Water Speed: 10 m.p.h
Capacity: 39
Length: 35 feet
Width: 9.9 feet
Tonnage: 19,000 lbs
Draft: 3.5 feet