Halifax - Page 2
Nova Scotia
July 2003

Street performers do their stuff on the waterfront boardwalk.
Because of the harbor that extend inland 26 km., Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, was one of the first English settlements in Canada.

Halifax was founded in 1749 by Edward Cornwallis, who recognized the site's potential as a naval and military depot. After the British attained supremacy throughout Canada in 1763, Halifax served as the Atlantic headquarters for the Royal Army and Navy.

Halifax Public Garden

"The Wave" sculpture on the Halifax waterfront.

Halifax harbour by night as viewed from the rooftop of our hotel.

Walking down to the waterfront from our hotel.

We are here on the entrance to the Halifax Citadel. Each day, save for Christmas Day, noon time in Halifax is marked by the firing of the Citadel's Noon Gun, a local tradition for the last 150 years.