Halloween Trick or Treat!
Norwood MA
October 1997 and October 1998

The kids do their rounds on the night of October 31st. In costumes, the children will knock on doors expecting trick or treats. Mostly, it will be a treat of candies and lollies. Note that this is purely an American thing.

in front of our apartment, Chelsea (witch), Qzedell (dalmatian) and Radienxe (power ranger) are ready to go for their treats (Halloween 1997)

doing the rounds Halloween 1997

This is in Keene, New Hampshire. The locals hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the most lighted "jack o' lanterns" (more than 30,000) and they beat their own record every year. This is in 1998 and what is in the picture is a very small fraction of the total.

this year, Chelsea is still a witch; Radienxe is now a ninja and Qzedell is Sylvester the cat (Oct 1998)

ready to terrorize the neighborhood (Oct 1998)