Ice Sculptures
Boston Common
Massachusetts USA
New Year's Day 1999 and 2001

a Boston tradition, every New Year's eve (or locally called the "First Night"), artists will show off their talents by carving ice sculptures and put them for public display (1/1999)

at about 18F temperature (-7C), the sculptures show no traces of melting; the Statue of Liberty (1/1999)

admittedly, this picture would have come out better have I not been blocking the horses (1/1999)

here's an unobstructed view

this is two years later, a reindeer and the Grinch (1/2001)

The Grinch life-size (1/2001)

tropical fishes and a mermaid (1/2001)

an eskimo and a pack of dogs, some penguins in the other group

This is in the eve of 2003 New Year. (December 2002)

December 2002.