Red Centre Series: Kata Djuta
Northern Territory
14 June 1994

This monolith is originally bigger than Uluru (in the background).
By looking at the time stamps of the pictures, I managed to arrange the photos in chronological order. All were taken in the same day.

8:38am Radienxe is all set for the day.

8:45am Breakfast at our rented apartment in Yulara Resort called Emu Walk Apartments. About 20 miles away from Kata Djuta and maybe 6 miles away from Uluru. My Aunt Rosie at left and my mother at right.

11:16am From the outside coming in

11:32am pause for a pix

11:32am same picture as above magnified 2.2 times

11:48am walking in, Chelsea and Mama

11:53am this is now in the middle of these massive rocks.