The Webmaster's Lair
Norfolk, MA
July to October 2002

Our house as seen from the street (7/2002). We got our house in July 2002. It has three bedrooms, two baths, and one fireplace.

The same view from a different season of the year. More winter pictures in the page "Backyard Winterland".

To the left is our driveway, and to the right is our street that continues its way up to the dead end. The house is slightly hidden and the whitish part just above the car to the right a bit.

View from the back. Notice that our house is on a hill side and our backyard is constantly sloping down. In this picture, the left-to-right sloping down is evident.

I was standing up the carved hill when I took this picture. To the left, the house is hidden from neighbours by this hillside.

On our front lawn with my mother. This was our first weekend in the house in July 2002. At this time, we are still moving our stuff.

I put up these picnic tables. This was our first time to cook barbecue in six years as we are not allowed to start barbecue fires in our previous apartment. The swing set and chair in the backyard is also something we put there. The white structure on the right is a shed for storage.

It is autumn in our backyard. (October 2002).