The Webmaster's Lair
Norfolk, Massachusetts
August 2002 to February 2004

Our driveway is long and wide in some parts. Near the street (were I took the picture from), there are wide spaces on both sides like wings to park our cars and still leave the driveway open. The driveway is about the length of eight to ten cars. To the left of the driveway is steep downhill. Picture taken August 2002.

This is the view from the house to our backyard taken February 2004. We are at the edge of a wooded conservation land. We have our "own" forest right in our backyard and it goes on and on as far as the eye can see! I have seen once a mother and child deer here. Squirrels are present all year round. Chirping birds will wake you up in the warm days when the windows in the house are left open overnight. There is a goundhog that lives under our shed who we see occassionally foraging in our backyard.

This view is from the house to the street taken February 2004. It slopes from right to left here and can be slippery in the winter. There are six more houses in the street (to the left in the photo) until you hit the dead end. Traffic flow here peaks at maybe four to five vehicles per hour during "rush hour" :). A reminder of a previous snow storm still hanging around in the front yard. My neighbor's house across the street is partially hidden.

This is the view from another side of the house, this time looking downhill at my neighbor on the same side of the street. My neighbor's house is the bluish-and-white in the background just at the right of the lamp post. It is also hard to recognise here, but above the house, you can actually see the waters of Kingsbury Pond. Not only do we have our own forest, we have a pond too! :) The kids go swimming and fishing in that pond during summer periods.

The sloping backyard is ideal for sledding in the winter. Picture taken August 2002.

We have our bench swing as and some picnic tables in the backyard. The kids have their tent as playhouse.

Autumn in our backyard. Picture taken October 2002.

Picture taken October 2002.

The sloping downhill can be clearly seen here. The main reason I liked this place is because of this empty nature preserve.