Backyard Winterland
Norfolk, Massachusetts
November 2002 to January 2004

About 26 to 28 inches of snow fall during the Presidents' Day of February 2003. Notice the snow accumulations on top of the lamp post and fence posts!

This particular snow storm dropped more than two feet of new snow on top of some old snow. As you can see here, it adds up to waist-high snow. It took about two months and the warmer spring weather for all that snow to melt away. (Feb 2003)

We have to dig our way for a foot path at least.

On one of the coldest day ever in the last 100 years, (10 Jan 2004), our outdoor thermometer indicates the temperature to be about -8F (about -22C).

Clearing off our front brick patio (you can not see the bricks right now).

Out outdoor Christmas tree.