Medieval Times
Toronto, ON
July 2006

There exist in this modern world a place where you can experience the adventure and romance of the Middle Ages. Legend has it that you can be transported back to a time where chivalry still reigns . . . a place where knights battle for their kingdom's honor, while an exceptional feast is provided in a magnificent setting.

From the moment you enter Medieval Times, you'll be treated like the noblest Lord or Lady of the realm. You will be served a royal feast in the tradional manner.

The year is 1093 AD, and you are the guests of the royal family. The Lord of the Castle has invited over 1000 friends, neighbors and foes to a royal tournament. Every detail has been faithfully recreated for you entertainment and delight.

Imagine stepping back in time one thousand years, as you feast on a hearty four course banquet served by your own serf or wench.

You'll marvel as spirited stallions perform intricate maneuvers. Gaze in awe as fearless knights on horseback compete in daring tournament games of skill and accuracy. And when challenges are issued on the field of valor, you'll cheer your knight to victory as he battles for the right to choose his Queen of Love and Beauty.