Monongahela National Forest
West Virginia USA
July 2008

In 1915, 7,200 acres were acquired to begin the forest, called the Monongahela Purchase, and then on April 28, 1920 it became the Monongahela National Forest.

Today the forest is over 919,000 acres in federal ownership in 10 counties in West Virginia, making it the fourth largest National Forest in 20 northeastern states.

We drove thru the Highland Scenic Highway is a beautiful corridor through the National Forest.

This National Forest Scenic Byway extends 43 miles from Richwood to US Route 219, seven miles north of Marlinton.

The Highway follows State Route 39/55 for 21 miles from Richwood to the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center and passes by Falls of Hills Creek. It then turns onto State Route 150 for the 22 mile Parkway section that passes by the Cranberry Glades and the Cranberry Wilderness.

The Highway traverses the mountainous terrain of the Allegheny Highlands and Plateau, and rises from Richwood, elevation 2,325 feet, to over 4,500 feet along the Parkway.