Paying Respect
Putlod, Jaen
Nueva Ecija, Philippines

The wake is usually held in the deceased's house from at least three nights to about a week. In this case, it was stretched to eight nights to accomodate Rosalie. The use of funeral parlors and booked time for visitors is sometimes can be seen in the bigger cities, but not in the provinces.

All the neighbours and friends are expected and will usually make an effort to stay for at least one-whole night. It is also customary to make a money donation to the bereaved relatives to help defray the cost of funeral and burial arrangements.

The week-long wake becomes a mini-fiesta. A place for the local folks to gather and hang out. Entertainment is provided to lighten the atmosphere.

The suffering does not end with the dying. It continues with the feeding of all these well-meaning visitors.

Occasions like this gives young adults excuse to stay out late with their friends.

of course, the wake is not complete without the inuman (drinking session); here, Rosalie's brother Larry (on the right facing) presides

the site instantly becomes the place to be

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