Niagara Falls 1996
New York, USA
January 1996

Outside our bed-and-breakfast about a mile from Niagara Falls a day after a snow storm.

The Horseshow Falls viewed from the Canadian side.

Niagara Falls: internationally famous waterfall, on the U.S.-Canada border between Niagara Falls, N.Y., and Niagara Falls, Ontario, formed where the Niagara R. drops from Lake ERIE to Lake ONTARIO. Goat Island splits the cataract into the American Falls (167 ft/51 m high; 1,060 ft/323 m wide) and the Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls (158 ft/48 m high; 2,600 ft/792 m wide), and overlooks the Niagara Gorge (c.7 mi/11 km long) with its Whirlpool Rapids and Whirlpool.

Under terms of the Niagara Diversion Treaty (1950), water is diverted in New York to power the 13 generators of the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant (1,950,000-kw capacity; opened 1961) and in Ontario into the Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations (1,775,000 kw; opened 1954). The falls were formed c.10,000 years ago and are retreating upstream faster in the Horseshoe Falls because of the greater volume of water there.

Different season in the falls from the American side.

it is really misty up close

"Maid of the Mist"

These are not stalactites in a cave, but rather frozen drippings on a roof viewed from our hotel window.

Laundry Day! Washing our clothes in a laundromat. Chelsea took this photo.