Office mates picnic - Page 2
The Hassel's Residence
Franklin, MA
August 1996

to everyone's amazement, Mary has succeeded in the first human
attempt to speak two-thousand words per minute

Veronica ensures that everyone gets enough calories
as recommended by the American Health Association

her enthusiasm for work knowing no boundaries,
Pat is leading a discussion on how to optimize the BillCalc program

"Are you sure this is how it's done?"

Kathy (Bill's wife) explains to Madhu that Tostitos and coleslaw
were not dairy products; Madhu remains unconvinced

Mary tells her daughter to wipe-off the traces of her daughter's
breakfast and lunch; Joe and Stephanie pretend not to notice

class picture take 2

At Boston Edison's office in the Prudential Center during the last day of the previous millenium.
From right: me, Martin Perry, Joe Pino, Earl Mathews (protruding head), David Brainerd, bob McAfee, Veronica Hassell, Frank Kuhtz, and Madhu Narnhe (kneeling)