Young and Restless

March 1986

during our company Christmas Party (Dec 1986), I was wearing my entry to the Best Party Hat contest

posing for a passport picture in 1988

in Jaen, Nueva Ecija's (my hometown) municipal building. 1984 or 1985.

I am here as Nueva Ecija provincial vice-president Kabataang Barangay. Our singing choir group has just won the first prize. With me is Nueva Ecija High School conductress Melanie Sarmiento. Giving award is Assemblywoman Judy Carunungan (of Limay, Bataan) and regional KB president Gilbert Teodoro. (sometime in 1984 or 1985?)

My brother Allyson's (behind me) wedding in Manila. 22 December 1986.

in my boarding house in Project 4, Quezon City (1982)

During my election victory party in April 1980.

1981. Jazmine in the center.