Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
July 2007

SandLand is in the waterfront district of Charlottetown, PEI.
The questions and answers below were lifted from their website

What holds the sand together?
This is the most asked question sand sculptors hear. The answer is water, and more specifically the surface tension of water. The ideal sand is a very fine grain with the naturally occurring silt and clay still in it. If you find yourself sculpting on a beach, try to dig the sand close to the water line, or low tide area. Ironically, most beach sand is not very well suited to sand sculpting, as the grains have become round from wave action and erosion.

Do you have to keep spraying the sand with water?
Yes and no. With good sand, we find that the moisture stays in quite well. When working outdoors with sun and wind, the spraying will help keep the details. It is also a good idea to spray an area just prior to carving some finer points, as the wet sand holds an edge better. Once completed, we spray a sealer on the surface to keep the water in. This transparent layer will allow sand sculptures to stay standing for months on end, through rain, sun and wind. It is not holding the sculpture together any more than paint holds your car together.

How long has the team been sand sculpting?
We are professional artists who work in many different mediums. Starting with snow sculpting in the early '90s, progressed to ice and finally about 4 years ago tried sand. Surprisingly, it is sometimes easier to make a living from carving these ephemeral mediums than more conventional materials like stone and bronze. As artists we are attracted to the possibility of creating large detailed sculptures in a very short time.

Does it bother you that this sculpture will be destroyed at the end of the event?
No... We realize that we are performance artists, and enjoy the positive feedback and reactions of our audience as we work. It is quite likely that we have a larger audience than many artists whose work can only be seen in galleries. And the audience has a special appreciation for the work, both for the unique use of a common material, and that these sculptures are only on display for a limited time. We like the fact that we may be able to create 20 or more giant sculptures in a year, whereas it could take that long just to make one of stone or bronze.

NFL Ferries is one of the sponsors of SandLand.