The Lion City
January 1991

Since Singapore became an independent state in 1965, government policies have brought orderliness and efficiency to the country. Other aspects of Singapore's social engineering are occasionally considered extreme, such as one campaign that urged well-educated couples to produce children. At the time I was there (1988-1989), the government organizes parties for eligible college-educated Singaporeans and runs ads showing an old woman regretting she never married and had no children. It would have been funny if it was not so serious.

Click on flag to listen to Singaporean national anthem: Majulah Singapura.

with Jay and Rex at Japanese garden

at Merlion Park

a lot of bric-a-brac

This is the causeway bridge over Johor Strait that connects Singapore to peninsular Malaysia.

at the Japanese garden

in Rex's and Jay's hotel room

these fountains and lights dances in sync with the music

Sentosa Island, off Singapore's main island, one of the few places where Singaporeans are allowed to have fun (loud music that is) in this police state. In the background is the city's skyline.