Site of JFK's Assassination
Dallas, TX
June 2007

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady just moments before the assassination last 22 November 1963.

At Dealy Plaza. The assasination spot was the middle lane. The "grassy knoll" is on the right. As you can see, there is not a lot of place to hide in this bit of grass where the conspiracy theorists claim other gunshots were fired from.

Just after the road signs is the spot where JFK was shot.

Entrance to the "Sixth Floor Museum" (formerly known as "Texas School Book Depository Building").

The fatal bullet was fired from the sixth floor corner window (circled in red).

Same picture without the circle.

"X" marks the actual spot where the car was when JFK was hit.

A plaque marking the building as historical.

The Sixth Floor Museum is in the corner of Elm and Houston Streets.