Sainte Anne de Beaupré
Quebec, Canada
July 2001

Sainte Anne de Beaupré is the site of a famous shrine established in 1620 by sailors who had been shipwrecked. A chapel was built in 1658 and a large church in 1876. Burned in 1922, the church was magnificently rebuilt in 1923; it houses relics and is one of Canada's foremost pilgrim resorts. Many miraculous cures are ascribed to prayers at the shrine. Mountains, a river, and falls near the village are also named for the saint.

The basilica contains the Miraculous Statue of Ste-Anne and relics of the saint including her wirst bone. The basilica's architecture has Gothic and Romanesque features.

Next to the shrine is the Scala Sancta, a replica of the 28 steps Jesus ascended to meet Pontius Pilate. Life-size bronze figures depicting the stations of the cross are on the hillside.