Theatre West Virginia
Grandview, West Virginia USA
July 2008

Theatre West Virginia (TWV) is in Grandview, WV. We are enjoying the scenery before the start of the play "A Honey in the Rock".

Grandview, a mountaintop park near the city of Beckley, overlooks Horseshoe Bend from the southwest rim of the New River Gorge. Grandview became part of New River Gorge National River in 1990, after more than 50 years as one of West Virginia's most popular day use state parks.

West Virginia's national parklands have plays each summer for spectacular entertainment under the stars. For more than 40 years, TWV produced two of the world's most captivating outdoor drama performances on the stage at the Cliffside Amphitheatre at Grandview.

"Honey in the Rock" chronicles the tumultuous birth of the Mountain State through the lives of some of its real and imagined residents.

The "Honey in the Rock" by Kermit Hunter. Music by Ewel Cornett & Jack Kilpatrick.

To fight for the dominance of the Union or the rights of its states? Such a decision destroyed many lives in the South during the Civil War. But here in West Viginia, it resulted in the creation of a new state -- "West Virginia," Union loyal, and populated by a hard-nosed new breed of American.

It's a romping, rollicking, vibrant historical performance filled with drama, intrigue, music, comedy and romance.

A southern belle . . .