Twin Falls Resort
Saulville, WV USA
July 2008

The entrance to the resort. This state park is set in the rugged mountains of southern West Virginia. The name "Twin Falls" was from the two falls (small) that are in this park.

Twin Falls State Resort Park is located in southern West Virginia, about 30 miles southwest of Beckley. Due to its remote location and surrounding mountains, Twin Falls State Resort Park is a true getaway (no cell phone service).

Have to be careful with the wild life . . .

In front of our cabin. With my mother and aunt, and Rosalie's brother Larry and his wife and children.

The cabin is on a hillside surrounded by trees. Too many trees actually that the whole cabin is always in the shade.

The cabin comes supplied with firewood and barbecue facilities.

Overlooking the road below.

I saw this turtle crossing the road one morning. Maybe he/she is on the way to work? Actual size is bigger than a dinner plate.