Red Centre Series: Uluru
Northern Territory
June 1994

Uluru, as the Aboriginals call it, is the world's best known rock, is 3.6 kilometers long (2.2 miles) and rises a towering 348 meters from the pancake flat surrounding scrub. It is believed that two-thirds of the rock is beneath the sand.

On average, about one person die each year on this hiking trail usually from heart attacks caused by too much heat and stress. Or sometimes, someone will fall into one of the cracks, or get lost and dehydrated.

The rock at sunrise. Its colour changes as the setting sun turnss it a series of deeper and darker reds before it fades into grey. A repeat in reverse, with far fewer spectators, is performed at dawn each day. Compare this picture to the one above it and see for yourself.

at our rental apartment

Emu Walk Apartment, in Yulara Resort

This mountain is the first you see as you approach the site from about 100 miles and fools everyone (including me) to think that it is THE rock when in fact it is not.

the picture taking is not complete until Chelsea gets her solo