Rafting the New River
New River near Fayetteville, WV USA
July 2008

It's morning of July 3 and the whiteboard lists the trips and passengers for the day. The 8:30am New River trip indicates "Bautista 4" (party of four). Total of 32 rafters.

We got our rafting gear: paddle, helmet, and life jacket.
Will board the bus soon that will take as upriver.

We are here on the banks of the New River near Thornton, WV.
They are still inflating the rafts.

The rest of the rafting party. There will be four rafts for our party going together.

Ready to paddle! We were assigned to be on Chaz's raft. Chaz will be our guide and potential saviour for the day.

We're lowering our raft onto the New River. We have to carry this from the road to this river bank and its more than a little bit heavy.

Jumping off the raft and onto the waters of New River. Gets us wet and Chaz gets to know if we can climb back up to the raft.

Chelsea doesn't like to get wet (yet)! While Qzedell is lazily floating along the raft.

Crossing a whitewater situation! PADDLE ON!