Rafting the New River - Page 2
New River near Fayetteville, WV USA
July 2008

The guy in the background on a solo-kayak is our group's photographer/videographer. All the photos showing us in the raft are from him.

We took a stop a this "Jump point rock".

Radienxe and Qzedell line up for their turn to jump.

Radienxe jumps!

Qzedell midflight!

We are here in the New River Gorge, in the amazing mountains of West Virginia, is one of those awe-inspiring places in the world, where beauty and white water combine into the greatest whitewater rafting on the East Coast.

The New River Gorge offers rafting not only for families but also for those looking for incredible whitewater rafting trip and views of the west Virginia Mountains.

Rafting the Lower New River takes you right underneath the world famous New River Gorge Bridge, the second longest steel arch bridge. The New River offers different rafting trips throughout the white water season.