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Padre de Familia
(Father of the Family)
born 1964
Ilaw ng Tahanan
(Light of the Home)
born 1966


(pronounce: tsel-si)
born 1989

(pronounce: rey-jens)
born 1993

(pronounce: ki-se-del)
born 1996

We (Rodney and Rosalie) both came from Jaen, Nueva Ecija, a small town about a hundred kilometers north of Manila in the Philippines. We became a couple in 1987. Chelsea arrived in 1989.

I was offered a job in Darwin (Australia) and our family migrated to Australia when Chelsea was five months old. Then came Radienxe (1993) and then Qzedell (1996).

I got bored in Darwin and got a job in the US for a change in scenery. The family moved to Massachusetts in early 1997 after eight years in Australia.

Year 2008      U.S. 
  • March - Chelsea had her 19th birthday. Radienxe turned 15.
  • January - Chelsea moved out of the house and started living on her own in a rented room in an apartment in Boston near her college.

  • See our Family Journal for all prior years family news.

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