I. Personal Information
Rodney Bautista
Bachelor of Science

II. Summary of Experience

With twenty straight years of world-class experience in programming, information systems design and analysis, installation, and operations support for a diverse range of application softwares in six countries (United States, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia) across four continents.
With extensive knowledge of IBM mainframe platforms including COBOL(I&II), CICS/VS, IMS DB/DC (DL/I), CA-Datacom, IDMS, DB2/SQL/SPUFI/QMF/Stored Procedures, VSAM, JCL, and FileAid. My web developer’s skills in Unix/Linux/Aix and related internet-based technologies include Perl/CGI/DBI/SSL, mySQL, DB2/SQL, XML, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java/J2EE/Struts, JavaServerPages(JSP), and WebSphere Application Developer.
Areas of application include mutual funds/brokerage, corporate accounting, insurance, public utilities (power and water), internet distance learning and HR/Payroll.

III. Detailed Work Experience

March 2005 to present
Fidelity Investments thru Veritude Inc.
Boston,   Massachusetts,   USA
Supporting Fidelity’s brokerage companies NF (National Financial) and FRIAG (Fidelity Registered Investment Advisor Group) IBM mainframe systems:
  • code, and implement enhancements to the current batch processes using COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM and JCL
  • research and write technical specification documents for new projects
  • developed COBOL/CICS online programs using Fidelity’s proprietary MAUI middleware; these are the back-end programs behind Fidelity’s streetscape.com, mystreetscape.com, AC.com (Advisors Channel) including the new version of the critical advanced account search gateway program; the MAUI middleware allows the COBOL/CICS in the back-end and the Java-based GUI-front-end programs to talk via XML
  • was part of the production support team that responds to day-to-day issues reported to the Help Desk including researching items and fixing production problems

  • Software Engineer
    November 2003 to March 2005
    Fidelity Investments thru Veritude Inc.
    Merrimack,   New Hampshire,   USA
    Joined the Voyager project which will convert Fidelity’s human resources and payroll system HRMS (Unix/Oracle) to a new mainframe-DB2-based HR Access system developed in France. My responsibilities included:
  • analyse outbound interface files coming out of the current system and figure out how to reproduce the same files from the new HRAccess system
  • map fields, processes, conditions from the old system to the new
  • participate in system design sessions
  • design and build new XML-type technical specifications for new interfaces
  • develop Cobol/DB2 and Perl and extract programs and produce interface files (flat and XML files)

  • Senior Programmer/Analyst
    December 1996 to November 2003
    MSX International (formerly Lexstra International Inc.)
    Boston,   Massachusetts,   USA
    Assigned to TJX in Westboro, MA (12/2000 to 11/2003)
  • supported this retail giant's Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and other smaller subsystems based on an IBM-mainframe using IMS DB/DC, DB2, Cobol2/Cobol370, FileAid, SPUFI
  • written and developed COBOL/DL1/DB2 programs, JCLs and procedures, Unix shell and Perl scripts to convert the IBM-mainframe Vendors IMS database and Purchase Order DB2 tables and successfully loaded and implemented the data onto the Unix-based Lawson Accounts Payable relational database
  • wrote DB2 SQL Stored Procedures using IBM DB2 Stored Procedure Builder / Command Center / Control Center
  • created web forms using HTML/JSP (JavaServerPages), Java/J2EE beans and classes, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the Struts framework using the WebSphere Application Developer/Application Server
  • customised Lawson-supplied Microfocus Cobol programs by adding validation rules, user exits, redesigned the fields on the screen
  • developed new batch and online Lawson/MicroFocus Cobol programs that were used in conversion loading and online inquiry screens; including drill downs using Lawson utilities such as pgmdef, workdef, dbdef, importdb, dbdump/dbload et al.
  • provided on-call support on a rotational-basis for the nightly mainframe batch jobs schedule
  • developed and prototyped browser-driven search engines written in Perl/CGI/DBI/HTML that displays as web pages information on invoices, purchase orders, and vendor information from Lawson DB2 databases residing in Unix-type RS600/AIX machines with Tomcat and Apache
  • Assigned to Weema Technologies (6/2000 to 11/2000)
  • joined a start-up company Weema Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts; creating websites to demonstrate the applications of Weema's proprietary video streaming technology using HTML, JavaScript, Perl/CGI/DBI, mySQL, Unix/Linux, and VisualBasic;
  • developed the tools/scripts/web pages to manage Weema's corporate database using object-oriented design and implementation; created from scratch the Distance Learning application where a teacher can do a live video broadcast and slide presentation and students anywhere in the internet can learn and respond back for questions via a chat box.
  • Assigned to Boston Edison Company (12/1997 to 5/2000)
  • tasked with maintaining and enhancing the company's electricity billing system in an IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, COBOL II, CA-IDMS, and TSO environment; involved in the testing and implementation of the system for Y2K readiness
  • implemented the changes associated with the Massachusetts power industry deregulation (Open Access project); the distribution and generations costs were unbundled and provision for multiple vendors were built into the system to allow customers the choice of their own power supplier
  • Assigned to the First Data Investor Services Group (12/1996 to 11/1997)
  • supported the client Evergreen providing mutual funds administration, shareholder services, and fund accounting using First Data's Personal Asset Recordkeeping (PAR) system running in an IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, COBOL II, CA-IDMS, and TSO/Panvalet environment
  • overhauled the dealer commission jobs and programs streams and reduced the time window by more than 12 hours (a third)

  • Senior Technical Support Officer
    January 1989 - November 1996
    Computer People Pty Ltd
    Darwin  NT   Australia
    Seconded to the Northern Territory Treasury Department. Worked in an IBM 3090/CMOS with OS/MVS/ESA, COBOL, CICS/VS/DMS, VSAM, IMS DL/I, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, CA-Datacom environment with the following responsibilities:
  • led a team of programmers providing support and problem resolution on the NT Government Accounting System (GAS)
  • presided over the technical aspects of the implementation and conversion to CA-Masterpiece 2000 on a CA-Datacom/CICS platform from the old Masterpiece Version 7 (1995-1996); this system is the core of the GAS
  • work revolving around the design, acceptance testing and implementation of CA's new Masterpiece 2000 with GL, AP, Purchasing, AR, and FA; installing the system in several upgrades and releases; providing programming support to a team of business analysts in their functional testing (3/1993-12/1996)
  • trained and alternated as a CA-Datacom junior database administrator (3/1993-11/1996)
  • design, programming, implementation and maintenance of subsystem add-ons to the GAS; among these is the Electronic Funds Transfer subsystem and the Government Cheque Printing & Control system (GCS)
  • periodically installed/tested/implemented upgrades/fixes to and tailor-fitting CA's Masterpiece V7 software packages GL, AP, AR, PO, FA, etc (1989-1992)

  • Senior Programmer/Analyst
    January 1987 - January 1989
    Software Ventures International Corporation
    Manila, Philippines
    Helped the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. to tailor-fit an IMS DB/DC system called OS/PLANT bought from Cincinnati Bell USA; revised and wrote programs in their IBM 4381 with OS/MVS/XA, IMS DB/DC, TSO/ISPF mostly on batch message processing (7/1988-1/1989).

    Involved in a project to convert/rewrite a COBOL General Ledger accounting package owned by a Singapore-based client Electronic Data Systems Pte. Ltd. (EDS) running on Data General targeted for the IBM mainframe using VM with CMS/EXEC 2, and VSE/SP (or DOS/VSE) with CICS/VS (6/1987-7/1988):

  • developed new COBOL/CICS online programs in Manila
  • was sent to Singapore twice to install and test the system for the client's acceptance
  • was sent to London, UK to install and demonstrate the system for EDS' potential European distributors on IBM Southbank's 3090
  • was sent to Jakarta, Indonesia to install the system for the training of EDS' personnel using IBM Jakarta's machine
  • wrote the CMS EXEC 2 programs to drive the batch portion of the system and created the system's installation guidelines, JCLs, and procedures
  • Was the programmer-in-chief for the development of the Claims system for FGU Insurance Corporation which includes both on-line and batch applications using COBOL, CICS, DL/I in their IBM 4341/4331 with VSE/SP and ICCF (1-6/1987).

    Conducted in-house trainings on "Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM)" and "Structured COBOL Programming".

    Operations Analyst/Programmer
    June 1986 - December 1986
    Computer Information Systems, Inc.
    Manila, Philippines

    Worked in the Manila Electric Company's (MERALCO, the mother company)  IBM three-30xx mainframe system using OS/MVS/XA, COBOL, IMS DB/DC, and WYLBUR.
  • supported the billing system overseeing production runs and resources allocations
  • assigned to the MWSS' (Manila's water/sewerage utility) "Rover" (electronic meter-reading book) pilot project; field trials were conducted and parallel runs between existing manual and proposed electronic meter-reading methods were successfully completed
  • Half of the company (including myself) was reorganized to form a new company called Software Ventures International Corporation (see above).

    IV. Education
    Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering
    Ateneo de Manila University
    Quezon City, Philippines
    March 1986
    My diploma from Ateneo de Manila University
  with accompanying English translation. Baccalaureatum Diploma

    V. References

    I have written testimonials from three of my previous managers which I will be using as work reference for the rest of my life.
    Quote: I found Rodney to be reliable, diligent, 
  fast, and accurate. Reference from Ric Wadrop Quote: He has a particular knack of quickly
  solving problems regardless of their nature
  or complexity ... (click for full text) Reference from Karen Vought Quote: He ... can handle shifting priorities
  on a moments notice and can research issues
  very quickly. (click for full text) Reference from Bob Sabatino

    Boston Globe 17 March 2001