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2007      U.S.  Texas, USA  Maryland, USA  Canada  Prince Edward Island, Canada  New Brunswick, Canada  new car
  • December - We visited Rosalie's brother Larry and his family in Maryland, USA and spent Christmas with them as well as with my friend from high school Cris Padilla who lives nearby. On our way back, we stayed in Philadelphia, PA for two nights and checked out the local attractions including the Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed), the Liberty Bell, Franklin Institute and the US Mint. We skated in the BlueRiver Rink in Penn's Landing.
  • November - Friend from college days Gerry Ventanilla and his family from New Jersey visited us for Thanksgiving.
  • September - Chelsea starts her college life as a freshman in Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Boston, MA studying B.S. Health Sciences. Radienxe is now a high school freshman and Qzedell moved up to Grade 6. The two hockey players have moved to our local youth association King Philip-Walpole. Radienxe is in the Bantam-4 team and Qzedell is in the PeeWee-4 team.
  • August - We bought a brand new Toyota Corolla S (for Sport). Radienxe had a follow-up surgery to remove the pins in his leg. This surgery turned out bad and Radienxe had some infections and was back to the hospital the week after.
  • July - Prince Edward Island (PEI) is our destination this year. Was there for a week and stayed in Charlottetown, PEI. We visited the Province House, Founders' Hall, Orwell Corner Historic Village, Prim Point Lighthouse, Woodleigh's Replicas and Gardens, and Avonlea (theme park based on Anne of Green Gables novel). We tried deap sea fishing off the island's coast. On our way back, we passed by Hopewell Rocks (our second time) and stayed another three nights in Fredericton, NB. While in Fredericton, we checkout the Garrison District including city hall and Old Government House. We spent a day in Kings Landing (just outside Fredericton).
  • June - I was told that my "permanent" job is moving to Texas and my company gave me and Rosalie a chance to see Texas to make us decide if we are moving to Texas or not. We stayed at Fort Worth, TX and visited the company office. We toured the area for real estate accompanied by real estate agents to gain knowledge on the local market. We went to the Stockyard Station in Fort Worth, Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas (remeber JFK assasination?), watched Mesquite Championship Rodeo in Mesquite, TX. We visited town-mates from Jaen, Nueva Ecija Danny and Eden Mina now living near Dallas. Also visited friend from high school May Aisporna-Evans at their place in Greensville, TX. After coming back, we decided not to go to Texas for my job. I have another 15 months in my current job before I am pushed out the door.
  • May - Chelsea had a car accident and our black Toyota Corolla has to be junked and written off (the car was six-and-a-half years old with 95,000 miles, could have lasted another 6 years). Chelsea graduated from high school.
  • April - Qzedell turned 11.
  • March - Chelsea turned 18 (legally an adult now) and Radienxe turned 14.
  • February - Radienxe had a surgery to put pins in his leg to fix his injury. His hockey season just ended abruptly.
  • January - On the last day of this month, Radienxe had an accident in school and broke his right leg near the ankle.

  • 2006      U.S.  New York, USA  Canada  Ontario, Canada  new car
  • December - We had a mini-vacation in New York city. We went to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. We skated at Rockefeller Plaza and toured the NBC Studios. Also went to Metropolitan Museum of Art (very nice museum). All this time, Chelsea was in California on her first solo trip to the cousins in the west coast and spent her Christmas vacation there. Qzedell had his braces on his teeth.
  • October - After 17 years as a paid-by-the-hour contractor, I started on my first "permanent" job with Fidelity in Boston, MA (same building as my previous job). Friend from high school Dr. Melanie Sandoval-Orencia from Pennsylvania visited us while she was here in Massachusetts for business.
  • September - Back to school. Chelsea is in her last year in high school (Senior, Grade 12). Radienxe goes to junior high school (Grade 8). Qzedell is in grade 5. Hockey season starts with Radienxe in the Norwood Bantam-B1 team and Qzedell in the Squirts B1 team.
  • July - That time of the year for our summer vacation. With my mother and nephew Carlo, we drove to Toronto, Canada for a 7-day sight-seeing trip. Passed by Niagara Falls on the way. In Toronto, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto Zoo, Canada's Wonderland (rides theme park), Fort York, Casa Loma and Bata Shoe Museum. We dined at the Medieval Times and climbed CN Tower.
  • June - Radienxe played another season of baseball (summer).
    Our old car, the Ford Windstar will not pass a road-worthy inspection. We traded it in for a brand new Toyota RAV 4.
  • May - Qzedell had a school playground accident and he fractured his right arm near the wrist. His hand was in a cast for six weeks or so.
  • April - Qzedell turned 10. Radienxe played spring baseball (he does not want to play soccer anymore!). Qzedell started his soccer season. Friend from high school days Meelehn Velarde with husband Jon De Guzman visited from Montreal, CA.
  • March - Chelsea turned 17 and Radienxe turned 13.

  • 2005      U.S.  New York, USA 
  • December - We have visitors. My classmate from high school Elsie Espiritu visited for one day. My mother and nephew Carlo came from California. We had a mini-vacation in New York city for three days and visited the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). On Christmas day we went to the Wollman Rink in Central Park (NY) in the morning and visited my friend from college Gerry Ventanilla in the afternoon.
  • September - School year starts. Chelsea is now a high school junior (Grade 11). Radienxe moved to middle school Grade 7. Qzedell is now in Grade 4. Hockey season also started. Radienxe plays for the Norwood PeeWee B2 team and Qzedell is in the Squirts B2 team.
    At the end of the month, Chelsea passed her road test and earned her driver's license. Chelsea is now entitled to take her brothers to the skating rinks for hockey practice.
  • August - We have two groups of visitors from Californina this month. My brother Erwin and his family came by for a few days. My nephew Carlo stayed for a week.
  • July - Our annual summer holiday tradition brought us to Lake George in upstate New York this year. We toured the region and visited Fort Ticonderoga, the battlefields of Saratoga (boring), Six Flags in Glenn Falls, Natural Stone Caves, Lake Placid, Adirondack Museum and Fort William Henry.
  • June - We have a send-off party for our friends Jose and Cecille Nacion who are departing for their new life in Australia.
  • April - The hockey season ends and the soccer season begins. Radienxe is in the Norfolk Soccer's Titans team and Qzedell is in the Hurricane team. Qzedell hit his 9th birthday. I have been risking my life and limb riding in a car that Chelsea drives.
  • March - I changed jobs (again). I still work for Fidelity but now in Boston. So instead of driving 65 miles each way to work to Merrimack, NH, I now drive 3 miles to our town's train station and from there take a 50-minute ride to Boston. We'll see how long this job will last. :) Chelsea turned 16 and got her Learner's Permit to drive. Radienxe turned 12.
  • February - Radienxe got braces on his teeth.
  • January - Had two more parties with the relatives in CA (with the Rivadas in Orange and my cousin Emma in San Diego) before flying back to Massachusetts.

  • 2004      U.S.  U.S.  U.S.  U.S.  U.S. 
  • December - We flew to California for the Christmas holidays. Had a Christmas party at my brother Allyson's place in San Marcos, CA together with the rest of the De Guzman clan. Between Christmas and New Year, we drove to Las Vegas, NV and stayed there for two nights at the Luxor (pyramid). Then drove to Kayenta, AZ and visited the Lower Antelope Canyon along the way. While staying in Kayenta, we toured the Monument Valley, Natural Bridges National Monument, and the Mesa Verde National Park.
  • September - The kids are back to school. Chelsea is in her sophomore year (grade 10) in King Philip High School. Radienxe is now in 6th grade still at Freeman-Centennial School. Qzedell moves up to 3rd grade at H. Olive Day School. Hockey season starts as well. Radienxe and Qzedell plays for the Norwood Nuggets Youth Hockey. Radienxe is in the PeeWee B1 team and Qzedell is in the Mite A team. Chelsea qualified for the high school's field hockey junior varsity team.
  • July My mother and her friend Ching came for a two-week vacation. The Bautista Family went to Williamsburg, Virginia and then to Norfolk, VA for our summer vacation. In Williamsburg, we went to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, and Water Country. In Norfolk, VA, we visited my long lost friend from high school days Crisaldo Padilla. We stayed at Cris' house and got to meet his wife Josie and their three boys.
  • June My brother Erwin, his wife Lou and employees visited us for one weekend. My cousin May Cruz and her family (husband Sari, kids Kayla, Kaitlin, and Keanu), her parents (my aunt and uncle), came and stayed with us for five days. The two sets of visitors are all from California.
  • May Part of my backyard enterprise, I build a 3-by-8-feet table topped with tiles.
  • April Qzedell had his 8th birthday. Soccer season starts for Radienxe (Titans team) and Qzedell (Lightning). Continued work on my terraced brick patio.
  • March Chelsea had her 15th birthday and Radienxe his 11th. Hockey season for Radienxe and Qzedell ended. As soon as the ground unfreezes, I started work expanding the bricks patio in our backyard.
  • January This month turns out to be the coldest month in a very long time. Schools were closed for one day as the temperature went down to the negative Fahrenheit territory (it was a snow day without the snow).

  • 2003      U.S.  Canada  new car
  • December - The Bautista Clan had a reunion. My mother and father, my brother Erwin (with wife Lou and son Artzel), my sister Joy (with husband Gil and son Carlo), my younger brother Jay, and Aunt Rosie came all here from California and were with us during Christmas and New Year.
            - In the last waning days of the year, we purchased a new car: Toyota Sienna 7-seater All-wheel-drive mini-van. The Bautista Family is now officially a three-car family.
  • November - After three years in TJX, I quit my job there and started on a new one with Fidelity in Merrimack, NH. I now drive 1 hour and 10 minutes to my new job 65 miles each way.
  • October - Hockey season starts. Radienxe is now a Squirt B and Qzedell is a Mite B in the Norwood Youth Hockey program. We do not do soccer anymore in the fall as we become too busy with hockey.
  • September - The kids are back to school. Chelsea is in her freshman year (grade 9) in King Philip High School. Radienxe is now in 5th grade still at Freeman-Centennial School. Qzedell moves up to 2nd grade at H. Olive Day School.
            - The exterior of our house was repainted from plain white to beige with yellow trim. I had professionals do it.
  • August - My cousin Arville Rivada and wife Lynn and their children visited us and stayed for a few days.
          - We had a family project to repaint the white fence. The kids are very helpful (and playful).
          - I finished installing the ceiling on the remaining half of our basement.
  • July - For summer vacation, we went to Nova Scotia by driving to Bar Harbor, Maine and from there took The Cat ferry and sailed to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. We stayed in Upper Clements and went to the Upper Clements Park, the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, and the Port-Royal Habitation. We then went to Halifax, Nova Scotia and did more sight-seeing including a side-trip to Peggy's Cove. We drove our way back and took a scenic detour to see the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. We had a one-night stop-over in Bar Harbor and enough time there to visit the Acadia National Park. My mother came from California and was with us in Nova Scotia.
  • May - Very busy with a lot of home improvements. I dug and install three lamp posts in our backyard making it accessible 24/7. Also laid down brick patios in the back. Chelsea had her three-day schoold field trip to Washington DC.
  • April - My old friend from college days Jose Mari "Jojo" Isip from the Philippines visited and stayed with us for nearly a week. With Gerry Ventanilla (from New Jersey) also coming for the occasion, our college trio was reunited for once in our place.
            - Soccer season starts with Chelsea in the King Philip team, Radienxe with the Norfolk travel soccer, and Qzedell with the Norfolk Lion's in-town soccer.
  • February - We have been on a deep freeze with six weeks of cooler than freezing temperatures. The President's Day snow storm dropped about 26 inches on top of some old snow leaing waist deep snow banks around our house. It took about two months and the warm spring weather to melt all that ice and snow.

  • 2002      U.S. 
  • December - Rosalie's brother Larry and his wife Rosel and kids from Washington DC visited us for Christmas.
  • November - My friend Gerry Ventanilla and family from New Jersey visited us for Thanksgiving.
  • October - Hockey season starts and I chose to leave my boys in the Norwood Youth Hockey program. Radienxe is now in the Squirt C1 team Qzedell gets to start playing hockey with the Termites 1 team in the smaller rink in Hingham MA.
            - I managed to put a ceiling on one-half or our basement. It is the hanging-type suspended ceiling.
  • September - School year starts and the kids have to go to new schools in Norfolk MA as part of our move to our new house. Chelsea goes to grade 8 at King Philip Junior High. Radienxe goes to grade 4 at the Freeman-Centennial school. Qzedell goes to kindergarten at H. Olive Day School.
            - Soccer season starts as well and the kids played in the local in-town Norfolk Lion's Soccer League. Chelsea and Radienxe were in the same Red team and Qzedell is in the White team.
  • August - Still settling in to our new place. Unpacking and setting up things in the house continues. I have been planting evergreens left and right.
  • July - Summer vacation this year is in upstate New York. With my mother jetting in from California, we visited the Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park, and the Six Flags in Darren Lake.
            - Middle of July (right after our vacation) was when we finally closed the purchase of our house. The second half of this month was spent moving our stuff from Norwood to Norfolk.
  • June - We entered into a deal to purchase our first home in the U.S. in Norfolk which is two towns away from our current residence in Norwood. A three-bedroom, two-bath colonial house situated in a dead-end street on a hill backing onto a convservation land. We basically have our own nature preserve right in our backyard. Across the street and a hundred paces down is a pond. I was very happy to be able to found my own peaceful and private corner of the world.
  • April - Radienxe's hockey season ends and the three kids' soccer season starts. All of them played for the various team levels of Norwood Youth Soccer.

  • 2001      U.S.  Canada
  • December - Christmas time is travel time for the Bautista Family. Visited an old friend from college Gerry Ventanilla in New Jersey and spent a night at their enourmous house. Then drove to Maryland and stayed with Rosalie's brother Larry De Luna and wife Rosel and their family. We got to walk around the national mall in Washington DC and another day spent checking out this magnificent Luray Caverns in Virginia.
  • November - Qzedell starts on his Learn-to-Skate.
  • October - Radienxe's hockey season starts. He is in the Norwood Mites C2 team.
  • September -School year starts. Chelsea at grade 7. Radienxe at grade 3. Qzedell at kindergarten. Start of the ten-week fall soccer season for the three.
  • August - We had our second summer vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (about four hours to the north). We went hiking to some nature sites Glen Ellis falls, Cathedral Ledge, Diana's Bath in and around the White Mountains. The kids were also treated at Santa's Village and StoryLand parks.
  • July - My mother and father came from Los Angeles. We then took a five-day vacation in Quebec City, Canada. Quebec was the closest thing you can get to a European city within driving distance (seven hours from our place). It was the most beautiful Canadian city we visited.
    Radienxe and Qzedell takes swimming lessons.
  • June - Relatives from the East Coast visited. My brother Allyson Erwin, wife Lou, my nephew Artzel, and Aunt Rosie (Ditse) stayed with us for a week.
  • April - Soccer season starts. Chelsea still with the Norwood Eagles and Radienxe with the Magic team.
  • March - Snowstorms, rain, ice, sleet, flooding. Lost two days of work due to heavy snow. Almost two weather events per week. I am just waiting for the locusts next. Hockey season ends.
  • February - Got a visit from a friend from the Philippines: Dr. Yolando Beronque. Vice President of De La Salle University.
  • January - I hope this year will better than the last. Winter seems to came back with a vengeance after more than a few years of El Niņo/El Niņa.

  • 2000      U.S.  Philippines  new car
  • December - Left the New Economy and currently working for a good old traditional (and profitable) company TJMaxx in Westboro MA. It is about 30 miles west of Boston and 28 miles from home. Christmas break was in New York city and then to Gerry Ventanilla's residence in New Jersey, one of my best friends from college.
  • November - Bought a brand-new Toyota Corolla for my new job (above).
  • October - Qzedell's ice skating lessons and Radienxe's hockey season commence
  • September - It is that time of the year again. It's back to school. Chelsea goes to Junior High (grade 6), Radienxe to grade 2, and Qzedell to nursery school. Soccer season starts.
  • July - We had our summer holiday in New Jersey; went to Six Flags' theme park and safari; checked-out Atlantic City for the first time.
  • June - I changed job and joined the New Economy. I am now working with internet-based technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts (across the Charles River from Boston). My webmaster skills will now be put into professional use.
    Kids' summer vacation starts middle of this month.
  • April - Spring is here and so is the soccer season. Chelsea seems to be in for a much better luck as her two games are victories. So is Radienxe and his Stingray team.
  • March - Rosalie and Qzedell left the Philippines for Los Angeles. And we (myself, Chelsea, and Radienxe) left Boston and arrived in Los Angeles on the same day and our family was reunited. We were in LA for four days and went to Disneyland, and partied with my parents, sister, brothers, and two hundred cousins/nephews/nieces/aunts/uncs.
  • February - Radienxe started wearing eyeglasses. Chelsea has been using one for a year now.
        Rosalie's father, Daniel De Luna died (1932-2000). A loving father and a very decent man. He never had much material wealth in life. But he was rich in something more valuable: the love and affection of his five children and fourteen grandchildren. I salute the man! Rosalie and Qzedell went to the Philippines to pay their last respects.
  • January - we survived Y2K! . . . longest snowless period in Boston, seems to me the prophets of the greenhouse effect might be right

  • 1999      U.S.  Canada
    November - my mother came for a three-week visit from California; we went for a five-day holiday in Montreal and Ottawa (Canada)
    September - the kids moved up one-notch in school; Chelsea into Grade 5, Radienxe into Grade 1, and Qzedell started on a twice-a-week nursery school; Chelsea and Radienxe signed-up for a soccer season that lasted for 10 weeks
    July - we had our summer holiday in Lake George, (upstate) New York; Rosalie's mother left for the Philippines after a one-year stay
    June - my good uncle Vicente De Guzman Jr. passed away
    May - we sold our house in Darwin; too much hassle to manage from afar

    1998      U.S.
    December - we had a four-day holiday in Pennsylvania last Chrismas time; we saw some Amish, the Hershey chocolate world, and a cave
    December - the first edition of The Bautista Family Homepage was posted in the internet
    November - bought our first computer
    September - Chelsea went to Grade 4 and Radienxe started kindergarten, Qzedell will be in nursery next school year
    July - Rosalie's mother arrived in the US for a one year stay with us; it will be her first white Christmas
    April - Radienxe learned how to ride the bike (without training wheels)
    January - we have moved to a new apartment (same town) here in Norwood, Massachusetts
    Others - we have many visitors this year: Ronnie Boy from the Philippines; Mama & Papa, Joy & Carlo from Los Angeles, CA; and Rosel De Luna from Washington DC

    1997      U.S.A.  new car
    December - I finished my one year contract with First Data (in Boston) and started in my new job with Boston Edison (electricity company)
    middle of the year - with our new car and being new into this country, we had weekend day tours around New England, in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
    May - we bought our brand-new Ford Windstar 7-seater minivan
    April - the rest of the family arrived in the US from Darwin, Australia; they had a two-week stop-over in Los Angeles with my folks; I flew over to fetch them

    1996      Australia  U.S.A.  Netherlands  France  Qzedell born
    December - on my way to my new life in Boston, I took the scenic route via Amsterdam and Paris; then I arrived in the US and started my job with First Data
    November - a week before I left Australia, Radienxe had a successful operation to fix his heart murmur in Adelaide's Children and Women's Hospital
    October - when I knew I am going to America for a long time, I took Australian citizenship; thankfully, I only have to pledge allegiance to the Australian people and not to "Her Majesty and heirs"
    April - Qzedell was born in Los Angeles (Rosalie, Radienxe, and Qzedell arrived in Darwin two months later)
    January - Chelsea and I arrived in Darwin from our US holiday

    1995      Australia  U.S.A.  Canada  Mexico  Indonesia
    December to January 1996 - we had our three-week trans-America tour beginning the day after Christmas; we flew to Washington DC and drove westward to Los Angeles; we had stops in New York, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Chicago, Denver, and the Grand Canyon; had a day-visit to Tijuana, Mexico; I had stop-overs in Bali, Indonesia on my way to and from America
    October - have to sell my six-year old Toyota to partially fund our trans-America tour
    July - Rosalie's father Daniel de Luna left Darwin for Manila after a one-year stay with us

    1994      Australia 
    July - we bought our first house in the Darwin suburb of Karama; Rosalie's father arrived from Manila just in time to help me in moving our stuff to our newly purchased house
    June - Mama and Diche (my aunt) visited us in Darwin from Los Angeles; then we had a 10-day tour of central Australia including Uluru & Kata Djuta, Alice Springs, Katherine

    1993      Australia  U.S.  Radienxe born  new car
    September - we bought our car-of-the-year award winner Mazda 626 hatchback
    March - Radienxe was born in Los Angeles on 16 March 1993 (the whole family was reunited in Darwin in May)

    1992      Australia  U.S.
    June - we finally were granted permanent Australian resident visas, at about the same time, Rosalie became pregnant to Radienxe
    September - Rosalie and Chelsea went to US on their jus soli mission, ie., get Radienxe to born to the US as a natural born citizen; this mission was later accomplished
    March - cousin Ronnie and brother Jay arrived from the Philippines; we flew to Sydney and sent my Toyota by truck; we drove northwards for a trans-Australia continental crossing that lasted two weeks with stops at Sydney, Gold Coast, Townsville (to check out the Great Barrier Reef), to Tennant Creek, and then back to Darwin; we drove about 6,000km (3,800 miles) in 12 days

    1991      Australia  Philippines
    December to January 1992 - we had our first holiday in the Philippines after three years; a chance to see old friends; not much has changed; this visit will turn out to be our last for a long time (until today)

    1990      Australia  Singapore  Canada  U.S.
    December to January 1991- we went on our first trip to North America: started from Darwin, to Singapore, Vancouver (Canada), Los Angeles/Las Vegas/San Francisco (US) and then back to Darwin

    1989      Philippines  Australia  China  Hong Kong  new car  Chelsea born
    December - we bought our first car: a brand new Toyota Corolla full-time-4WD
    September - we all (me, Rosalie, and Chelsea) arrived in Darwin from Manila
    August - Rosalie and I had our belated honeymoon in Hong Kong and China
    August - I arrived back in the Philippines to fetch the family for Australia
    March - Chelsea was born while I was in Darwin
    January - I started on my new job in Darwin, Australia with the Northern Territory Government's Treasury Department, a job that I will hold on to for eight years

    1988      Philippines  Singapore  United Kingdom  Scotland  Indonesia  Malaysia
    June - I arrived in Manila after a job stint of five months in Singapore; Chelsea was conceived
    February to June - I did software installation and testing for a Singapore-based company Electronic Data Systems; during this period, I was sent to Jakarta, Indonesia and London (UK) to do site installations; I made a few week-end trips to Malaysia while based in Singapore and a side-trip to Scotland while working in London

    1987      Philippines  Singapore 
    December - I was sent to Singapore on my first overseas assignment (my first airplane ride too!)
    May - Rosalie and I started a new life together on what will turn out to be a lifelong companionship

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