Photo Project 1 - Motion

Instruction: Photograph one or more persons or things in motion. The objective of this picture should be to express a sense of speed. In effect, the subject of this picture should be 'action' - that is, the motion itself should be the center of interest.

Subject: Chelsea ice-skating

I have used the panning technique where I move the camera to follow Chelsea during film exposure keeping her in focus but blurring everything else. The trick conveyed the intended sense of motion and at the same time forcing the viewer to focus on the subject as everything else is blurred.

The shutter speed was set to 1/8 of a second allowing for a little bit prolonged exposure. If it was faster (say 1/30th second), the panning will not have taken effect and the image will be of Chelsea and everybody else in the rink frozen in time and seemingly just standing on the ice.

Taken at Boston Common Skating Rink in March 2000. The camera was let to determine the right aperture given the exposure time that I wanted ("time value priority").
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