Photo Project 2 - Selective Focus

Instruction: Photograph a subject close up, using selective focus to make your subject stand out. Your subject can be a person, animal, or object. Whatever you choose as your subject, it should fill most of the frame, but some of the background should also be visible. In this picture we want you to use selective focus to achieve a narrow depth of field so that the subject is in sharp focus and the background is thrown out of focus. Try to choose a location in which the background is busy and would be distracting if it were in focus.

Subject: Radienxe doing his math exercise

This was achieved by setting the lens to the widest aperture f3.5. Radienxe dominates the picture. Qzedell and Chelsea were deliberately blurred and darkened in the background, yet recognizable; providing over-all balance and the context that Radienxe is at home with his family.

Using the maximum lens' opening minimizes the depth of field (the zone that is in focus). If the same picture was taken with a small aperture, Qzedell and Chelsea would have come out just as clear as Radienxe and become a distraction to the main subject.

Taken in April 2000 at home. I relied on the camera to set the exposure time given the aperture that I set ("aperture priority").
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