Photo Project 3 - Outdoor Vista

Instruction: Photograph a beautiful outdoor vista. Your location can be in the city or country, at sea, in a forest or the mountains--any outdoor scene you choose. Your objective is to produce a picture that gives a feeling of distance--a feeling of near to far. The subject of this picture is the wonderful view that stretches as far as the eye can see. To achieve this effect, we want you to use the greatest depth of field you can.

Subject: Boston Public Gardens

This is a direct opposite of the previous photo ("Selective Focus"), where we want the depth of field (the zone in focus) to be at its widest so that everything from near to far is in focus. I set my camera lens to the smallest aperture f/22 and then focused it in its hyperfocal distance setting (I will not try to explain this bit) to get almost everything acceptably sharp.

I framed the buildings in the background to locate it unmistakably in Boston. The swan boat and the ducks gave life and animation to an otherwise still picture.

Taken in May 2000 at the Boston Public Gardens. I relied on the camera to set the exposure time given the aperture that I set ("aperture priority").
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I have just started on this course and still got a long way to go. You should expect additional photo projects in this series in the coming months. So stay tuned!