As you can see, the Bautista Family likes to travel. This is how I got to accumulate all that pictures after all. What most people do not know, is that the Webmaster enjoys planning for those travels. The Webmaster finds researching, planning, and booking hotels is as much fun of the travel holiday itself.

Crossing the American continent by land from December 1995 to January 1996. Trans-America 1995-1996 Montreal 1999 Montreal 1999 Quebec 2001. Quebec 2001 Our trip to Niagara Falls and upstate New York in July 2002. Upstate New York 2002
Nova Scotia 2003 Nova Scotia 2003 At Williamsburg, VA and a visit to Crisaldo Padilla in July 2004. Virginia 2004 Las Vegas, NV and Monument Valley, UT in December 2004. Utah 2004 In upstate New York in July 2005. Lake George 2005
In New York City in December 2005. New York City 2005 Toronto, Canada in July 2006. Toronto 2006 Our annual tradition to the Big Apple. New York City 2006 Scouting Dallas TX on a company-paid trip June 2007 Dallas 2007
The Gentle Island. Prince Edward Island 2007 Philadelphia 2007 Philadelphia 2007 West Virginia 2008 West Virginia 2008 New York City 2008 New York City 2008
At the Canadian capital Ottawa celebrating Canada Day in July 2009 Ottawa 2009 Amazing Fjord in Quebec Canada Saguenay 2010 Winter in Maine December 2010 Maine 2010 In Pennsylvania July 2011 Poconos 2011
A day trip to Cape Cod in Massachusetts June 2011 Cape Cod 2011 New York City 2011 New York City 2011 Kayaking in Pennsylvania June 2012 Pine Creek 2012 Summer in Maine July 2012 Maine 2012
Winter in New Hampshire December 2012 White Mountains 2012 In the Green Mountains State July 2013 Vermont 2013 Quebec's premier state park in July 2014. Mont Tremblant 2014 New York State's Forever Wilde Park in July 2015. Adirondacks 2015
Inn New Brunswick, Canada July 2016 New Brunswick 2016