Montmorency Falls
Quebec, Canada
July 2001

Top view that you can only get from a postcard.
The waterfalls is 83-metre-high (270 ft) falls and is 30 metres (98 feet) higher than Niagara falls. Montmorency Falls is located about 15 minutes east of the city of Quebec.

On the boardwalk to the falls, after we took a cable car ride to the top of the cliff. Montmorency is the largest of a number of significant waterfalls along the Beaupre coast. The falls are impressive, in their 272 foot drop from the top of the ridge into a deep bowl-shaped basin at river level. A cable car takes visitors to the top for a hike to viewing belvederes and the suspension bridge over the cascade at the top of the ridge.

From the top, the full impact of the 487 panoramic stairs down the bluff on opposite side of the gorge can be seen. The stairway and lookouts seem precariously balanced as they snake down the ridge but they're safe to descend. Views of the falls from various platforms along the way are spectacular.

Pictorial time!

On the bridge directly above the falls.

same falls different season

On the top of the picture, the Ile St Orleans, an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River and the bridge connecting it to the northshore. On the bottom is the Montmorency Falls and in the middle is the confluence of of the two rivers.