<html> <head> <title>Maine 2012</title> <style type="text/css"> td{font-family: "Comic Sans MS"; font-size: 10pt; color: "#ff0000"} </style> </head> <body background="/background/legalpaper.gif"> <center> <table width=720> <tr><td> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/bn-maine2012.gif"> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moosebanner.jpg"> <table width=80% cellpadding=4><tr><td> </font><b> Day 1. July 4, 2012 Wednesday <center><table width=96% cellpadding=1> <tr><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconmoxie.jpg"></center> </td><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconwilson.jpg"></center> </td><td valign=top> <font size=-1> <li>drive to Moxie Falls in Maine <li>Old Canada Road Scenic Byway - Route 201 <li>Solon, Bingham, Wyman Lake, Forks Resort Center <li>check in at Wilsons on Moosehead Lake Cottages </td></tr> </table></center> Day 2. July 5, 2012 Thursday <center><table width=96% cellpadding=1> <tr><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconkineo.jpg"></center> </td><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconmanlake.jpg"></center> </td><td valign=top> <font size=-1> <li>Launch kayak from Rockwood ME to Mount Kineo <li>Hike to summit of Mount Kineo <li>Wilsons rentals, boating on Moosehead Lake </td></tr> </table></center> Day 3. July 6, 2012 Friday <center><table width=96% cellpadding=1> <tr><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconmoose.jpg"></center> </td><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconindianstore.jpg"></center> </td><td valign=top> <font size=-1> <li>Around Moosehead Lake <li>Greenville, Lily Bay, Kokadjo, First Roach Pond <li>Moose watching </td></tr> </table></center> Day 4. July 7, 2012 Saturday <center><table width=96% cellpadding=1> <tr><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconkayak2.jpg"></center> </td><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconbreakneck.jpg"></center> </td><td valign=top> <font size=-1> <li>Upper Kennebec River <li>Kayaking Moosehead Lake's West Outlet <li>Breakneck Ridge Farm </td></tr> </table></center> Day 5. July 8, 2012 Sunday</b> <center><table width=96% cellpadding=1> <tr><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconkennebunk1.jpg"></center> </td><td width=84> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/iconkittery.jpg"></center> </td><td valign=top> <font size=-1> <li>drive back home via Kennebunkport and Kitter ME <li>Kennebunkport's Dock Square, historic village of Kennebunk <li>Kittery Outlet shops, Kittery Trading Post <li>Home Sweet Home </td></tr> </table></center> </td></tr> </table></center> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/couplebanneredit.jpg"></center> <b>About Maine</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> Maine was at one time part of Massachusetts. It became its own state in 1820, becoming the 23rd state admitted to the United States of America, although its northern borders were not finalized until 1842. <br> From Wikipedia: Maine gained its statehood in 1820 as the result of the Missouri Compromise, in which free northern states approved the statehood of Missouri (as a slave state) in exchange <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/mainemap.jpg" align=right> for the statehood of Maine (as a free one). In this manner northern representation remained in balance with southern pro-slavery influence in the Senate. Maine facts: <li>is recognized as one of the most healthful states in the nation with summer temperatures averaging 70 F and winter temperatures averaging 20 F <li> has 5,500 miles of coastline, and about 2000 islands off the coast; is about 320 miles long and 210 miles wide, with a total area of 33,215 square miles or about as big as all of the other five New England States combined <li> has 542,629 acres of state and national parks <li> is nationally famed for its shellfish. Almost 90 percent of all American lobster are trapped in Maine. <li> includes Aroostook County which is so big (6,453 square miles) that it actually covers an area greater than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island <li> contains 32,000 miles of rivers and streams equal to more than the combined length of the Mississippi, Amazon, Yangtze and Nile rivers <li> has 542,629 acres of state and national parks, including the 92-mile Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park (location of Mt. Katahdin and the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.) <li> is the most sparsely populated state east of the Mississippi <li> consists of 16 counties with 22 cities, 435 towns, 33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships and 1.2 million residents <!-- <li> is home to the Penobscot Narrows Observatory the tallest public bridge-observatory in the world. --> </td></tr></table></center> <br><font size=+1> Day 1. <b>Old Canada Road Scenic Byway</b> </font><font size=-1> &nbsp; (4 July 2012 Wednesday) </font> <br>6am to 11:30am depart Norfolk, MA for The Forks ME. Estimated distance 290 miles and 5 hours 20 minutes driving time <br><b>Old Canada Road Scenic Byway - Route 201</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/oldcanadaroad.gif" align=right> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/oldcanadaroadsign.png" align=left> Route 201 follows the old river trading paths of the Abenaki tribe, leading visitors back in time through towns where turn-of-the-century homes line the main thoroughfare. This byway passes through The Forks, where the Dead and Kennebec Rivers meet. This area is well-known for rafting expeditions down these swift-flowing rivers. The route ends at the US international border crossing at Sandy Bay. Route 201 is an officially deisgnated "National Scenic Byway" recognized by Congress in the National Scenic Byways Program. <!-- of the Federal Highway Administration on June 15, 2000. --> Find a snapshot of the past on the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway as you pass through villages and outposts that have remained the way they are for decades. Remote and unspoiled, this neck of the Maine woods embraces nature and beauty. Here people live, work, and vacation in one of the prettiest, most peaceful places in the Northeast. The byway <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/rt201.gif" align=left> winds gently alongside the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake, and the Dead River, as well as through vast privately owned forests. These waters dominate the southern half of the <!-- <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/route201.jpg" align=left> --> route; the forests command the northern section. <br> Benedict Arnold made part of the interconnected network of waterways famous during the Revolutionary War when he led a tough band of soldiers up the Kennebec and Dead Rivers in flat bottom boats called bateaux to lay siege to the French settlement at Quebec. Today the vitality of the region is bolstered by the area s working forests, and Route 201 remains an important trade route linking Canada and the US. <br>Source http://www.byways.org/ http://www.kennebecvalley.org/ and <!-- http://www.byways.org/explore/byways/11510/stories/63448 http://www.kennebecvalley.org/activities/oldcanadaroad.php--> </td></tr></table></center> <b>Solon, Bingham</b> and <b>Wyman Lake</b> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wymanlakebanner.jpg"></center> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> The Old Canada Road Scenic Byway provides a perfect old-time feeling. Charming little villages, enticing pathless forests, and rough-riding rivers all contribute to the peace and splendor <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/route201b.jpg" align=left> of this area in Maine. <br> <!-- Drive north on U.S. 201, which passes through two old-time villages, Solon and Bingham. Both are bounded on the west by the Kennebec River. --> Quaint villages like Solon and Bingham occupy the southern half of the byway. The vernacular architecture of their buildings contributes to the feel of an earlier time. Classic clapboard homes line the streets and harken back to the boom days of the 19th and 20th centuries where lumber barons reigned over the surrounding forest. <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wymanlake2.jpg" align=right> Moscow gives way to the steep shoreline of Wyman Lake, popular for the water recreation it offers in warmer months. As the byway hugs the lakeshore, its views reveal undeveloped ridges on the opposite shore and islands framed by dramatic stands of white birch. Just north of Bingham is 13-mile-long Wyman Lake, a fishing hot spot for perch, bass, and sunfish. In January, there's ice fishing for landlocked salmon and trout. <br> Farther north, the 2,160-mile-long Appalachian Trail crosses the byway at Caratunk. While the trail runs from Maine all the way to Georgia, day hikes are popular through the rugged terrain here. To cross the Kennebec River at Caratunk, hikers can use a free ferry service that runs from late May to mid-October. Sources: http://www.visitmaine.com/ and http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/ <!-- http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/scenic-drive-in-maine-old-canada-road-scenic-byway-ga1.htm http://www.visitmaine.com/region/kennebec/the_forks/ --> </td></tr></table></center> 12noon to 1pm Lunch at <b>The Forks Resort Center</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/forkresort.jpg" align=left> Northern Outdoors Forks Resort Center is 18 miles north of Bingham on Route 201. Kick Back & Relax by the Fire in Our Main Lodge The Forks Resort Center is a wonderful place to relax after your day of Maine <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/forkresort3.jpg" align=right> wilderness adventure. The main Lodge is a popular gathering place with a towering stone fireplace, huge timbers, and lots of amenities. It feels like a classic New England ski lodge, complete with historic photos of logging and pioneer rafting days on the Kennebec. A gracious lounge with weekend live entertainment rounds out this authentic adventure resort. After a day of fun and adventure, relax and enjoy a delicious meal in the casual comfort of our brewpub restaurant. We are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full service menu featuring a wide selection of classic and hearty favorite dishes. <!--Enjoy any of six handcrafted beers on tap from our on-site microbrewery. We take great pride in producing the tastiest ales and lagers in the North Woods! Using the finest two-row malted barleys, premium imported and domestic hops, superior yeasts, and pure Kennebec Valley water, we have been handcrafting flavorful, delightful ales and lagers since 1997. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/forkresort2.jpg" align=right> --> <br> Website: http://www.northernoutdoors.com/site/resort/the_forks_resort_center.html </td></tr></table></center> 1pm to 4pm <b>Moxie Falls</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moxiefallssign.jpg" align=left> Straying a few miles east of the byway, hike to Moxie Falls and see the longest known vertical drop in Maine of over 30 yards, Moxie Falls is one of the highest falls in Maine. A short walk is necessary to reach the falls, and the walk will take you through Maine's true wilderness. Towering pine trees surround you as they amble through deep greens emitting the sounds of small animals and birds. Moxie Falls itself is stunning and truly enjoyable. The wooded area around the falls also contains a network of hiking trails for the more adventuresome. Make an outing of the experience and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy by the sound of the falls. Source http://www.thedailyme.com/barry/beatenpath10.html <br> An easy 1/2 mile hiking trail will take you to the top of one of the highest waterfalls in New England. View 90 foot Moxie Falls from one of several boardwalks built atop the steep, wooded gorge. The stream <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moxiefalls.jpg" align=right> has numerous swimming holes and is a popular spot on warm days. A great hike for young and old - bring your bathing suit! Gorgeous scenery. Distance: Round trip distance is 1 miles. Difficulty: Easy, great for all ages. Source http://www.northernoutdoors.com/ <!-- http://www.northernoutdoors.com/site/adventures/hiking.html --> <br> Keep your eyes open along Lake Moxie Road off Route 201 in this remote part of mid-western Maine, and you can spot a little parking area and a simple wooden sign pointing the way to Moxie Falls. A narrow but heavily traveled foot trail winds through the woods for three-quarters of a mile. If the trees have leaves, you may not hear even a hint of the visual feast in store. Before you reach the last turn, though, the rush of water becomes amplified. Round the corner and you see the rapids of Moxie Stream. Pretty enough, but where are the falls? Make one more turn and - wow! - you are looking down onto the top of one of the tallest waterfalls in New England. One of the lower viewing platforms gives a clearer view of this 90-foot plunge, where whitewater crashes into a narrow gorge below. A hundred feet downstream, the water flows into a popular swimming hole. Source http://www.newenglandwaterfalls.com/ <br>Directions: From The Forks, US Rt. 201 at the bridge over the Kennebec River, turn onto Lake Moxie Rd. At the south of the bridge, roughly 2 miles up road, there is a sign and parking area on the left. </td></tr></table></center> 4pm to 5:30pm Drive to Moosehead Lake ME. Estimated distance 62 miles and 1 hours 20 minutes driving time <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/lakebanner.jpg"></center> 5:30pm check-in at <b>Wilsons on Moosehead Lake</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wilsons.gif" align=left> Route 15 - Rockwood Road, Greenville Jct ME 04442 <!-- <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wilsonsmap.gif" align=left> --> Phones: 1-800-817-2549 207-695-2549 email info@wilsonsonmooseheadlake.com Website www.wilsonsonmooseheadlake.com <br>Come discover the spacious lakefront cottages of Wilsons on Moosehead Lake. We are nestled in the woods half a mile off Route 15 (Rockwood Road), on the shore of Moosehead Lake at the World Famous East Outlet where the Kennebec River has its rise. Our cottages range from 1-5 bedrooms with full bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. They all have thermostatic heat, electric, and hot and cold running water. We have charcoal grills here for our guests, but you want to bring charcoal and lighter fluid. <br> Panoramic Views - Every cottage has a panoramic view of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding mountains with Mount Katahdin standing majestically <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wilsons.jpg" align=right> in the background. We have picnic areas, fire pits, hiking trails, boat launch and docks, and a sandy beach. Come see why folks say we have "Moosehead's Million Dollar View"! <br> All cottages have screened in porches with views of the lake and mountains. All guests have access to launching and docking facilities, beach, picnic areas, and fire pits. Boats and motors, canoes, tandem kayaks and paddle boat rentals available. Master Maine Guide available for hunting and fishing. Wilsons is the ideal place to spend <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/sequoia.jpg" align=left> a vacation with innumerable activities to interest every member of the family - young or old. The perfect place to do everything... or nothing at all! <br> <b>Sequoia Cabin</b> 2 bedroom 1 bath 5-8 persons, secluded, brick fireplace, TV, dishwasher, bathtub, large two story log cottage that sits by itself for added privacy. Rough it in style in this spacious cabin equipped with all the extras. One bedroom w/king & single. Other BR w/double and 3 single beds. <!-- $220/night or $1150/week plus 7% tax. --> We have gone Wi-Fi!!!! We now have a broadband system offering wireless internet to our guests. </td></tr></table></center> <b>About Moosehead Lake</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is the largest lake east of the Mississippi contained within one state. Moosehead Lake's island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/mooseheadlake.jpg" align=left> <!-- Located at the doorstep of Maine's great north woods, the Moosehead Lake region is steeped in history. Henry David Thoreau explored the region with Indian guides in the mid1800s. --> Until recently, Moosehead Lake was an insider's secret, a place known to Maine families, hard-core sportsmen and down-hill skiers. Today, Moosehead Lake is quietly becoming the destination for eco-tourists, nature lovers, and those seeking a refuge from the bustle and stress of their busy lives. Our pristine waters draw those wishing to explore nature. Our beautiful mountains offer scenic vistas, mountain biking, ATV adventures, and of course, some of the finest Moose watching in the country is right outside our door! Source http://www.mooseheadlake.org/moosehead.shtml <br> The largest lake in Maine and certainly one of the most beautiful. There are large tracts of undeveloped shore, views of the surrounding mountains, and of course, the spectacular Mt. Kineo. This mountain has a sheer face which drops several hundred feet right to the lake. A hiking trail to the firetower on the summit is a must if it's your first visit to the area. Source http://www.moosehead.net/ </td></tr></table></center> <!-- <b>Fishing on Moosehead Lake</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/fishing2.jpg" align=left> Whether you re an avid fly fisherman or enjoy casting, trolling, or ice fishing on the lake, Wilsons is the ideal destination for your fishing vacation. The lake and river are the natural breeding grounds for brook trout, lake trout and landlocked salmon, and the dam is the gateway through which thousands of these fish pass. Just step out of your cabin and catch <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/fishing.jpg" align=right> a silver salmon or squaretail trout in the foam flecked eddies below the dam. Or cast into the lake above the dam where big hungry salmon lie waiting for food at the gate head. There are several remote ponds for native brook trout and world-class small mouth bass fishing nearby! <br> Please note that adults require a fishing license to enjoy freshwater fishing in Maine; licenses are available through outfitters, and at local drug and sporting goods stores, information centers and convenience stores throughout the state. Source http://www.wilsonsonmooseheadlake.com/fishing.html </td></tr></table></center> --> <br><font size=+1> Day 2. <b>On Moosehead Lake</b> and <b>Mount Kineo</b> </font><font size=-1> &nbsp; (5 July 2011 Thursday) </font> <br>9am drive to Rockwood ME. Estimated distance 7+ miles and 10 minutes driving time <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/mtkineobanner.jpg"></center> 9am thru 1pm <b>Kayak and Hike on Mount Kineo</b> elevation: 1789 Feet <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/motherhiker2.jpg" align=left> Launch kayaks from Rockwood ME. Estimated distance 1/4 mile and 15-20 minutes paddling time. The trailhead begins at the Kineo landing. <!-- Sitting as the Mount Kineo does on the shore opposite of the small town of Rockwood, Kineo can be difficult to get to. The most direct way to Kineo is by boat. The Kineo Shuttle leaves every hour from the public boat landing in Rockwood. A small fee is charged. --> <br>Indian Trail - 2.2 miles, Hiking time 2.5 hours The shortest route to the fire tower and the most views! From the dock, the trail skirts the shore of Moosehead Lake for 0.8 miles, and through birch and alders you can see Kineos awesome cliffs. Here the trail splits into two separate trails, the Bridle Trail and the Indian Trail. The Bridle Trail, while longer, is the easier of the two, winding up the gentle grade of the west side of the mountain through maple and yellow birch. Nearly a mile later it enters a forest of fir and spruce and joins the Indian Trail. Not only is the Indian Trail steeper, but it follows the edge of the cliff, soon entering a stand of red pine. Nature has provided her own staircase to assist the hiker in the form of stratified layers of rock At the top of the first cliff there is a side trail which leads <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/mtkineo2.jpg" align=right> back to the hotel and the landing (it is called the Cliff Trail and will be mentioned later in this text). When you come to the final overlook to the southeast, the Bridal Trail joins the trail. From here you ascend a small rise on the mountain then descend into a diminutive valley which creates an impression of being deep in the forest instead of a lake. Soon you arrive at a fork and by bearing left you will come to the peak of Kineo and the recently restored fire tower which now serves solely as a lookout. From the lookout are grand, majestic views: Little Kineo, Big and Little Spencer Mountains in the northeast, the Lily Bay Mountains in the southeast, Big Squaw in the south, the conical peak of Coburn in the southwest behind Blue Ridge and Misery Ridge and the three rolly-poly humps of Boundary Bald Mountain in the west. Of course, all around Kineo is the grand expanse of Moosehead Lake, to the west is Brassua Lake and in the east is Spencer Pond. Source http://www.moosehead.net/hiking/kineo.html </td></tr></table></center> <b>About Mount Kineo</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kineodock2.jpg" align=left> At Rockwood, Mt. Kineo rises majestically out of the water forming a sheer cliff 700 feet straight up one side and rolling down to the water s edge on tree-studded rock formations on the other; a thing of beauty unrivaled in the Eastern United States. The early Indians came from far to obtain the peculiar green flint of Kineo to make arrowheads and other stone implements. With your back to the Blue Ridge Mountains, on Route 15 looking across Moosehead onto Mt. Kineo, our great Indian Chief profile can be seen. Source http://www.rockwoodonmoosehead.org/ <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/mtkineo4.jpg" align=right> Mount Kineo, is an unforgettable setting that has lured people for centuries. Native Americans once traveled great distances to Mt. Kineo, relying on its flint-like rhyolite to make stone tools. In recent centuries, Kineo s spectacular scenery and the amenities of Moosehead Lake drew  rusticators and summer guests to vacation at the base of this imposing precipice. Other species as well appreciate this unusual geological formation: peregrine falcons and an assemblage of rare plants rely on Mt. Kineo s cliffs and steep talus slopes. Source http://www9.informe.org/ <!-- http://www9.informe.org/lmf/projects/project_detail.php?project=1555 --> </td></tr></table></center> <b>Wilsons On-Site Rentals</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/wilsonsboat.jpg" align=left> Rentals include life jackets and paddles. Gas is additional. All mixed gas for small boats must be purchased here at Wilsons to ensure proper mix. Rates subject to 7% state tax. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/fishing3.jpg" align=right> <!-- <li>Tandem Kayak $10/hour $50/day (min $20) <li>Canoe $5/hour $25/day (min $10) --> <li>Small Boat 14.5 Aluminum 9.9HP $18/hour (min $40) $85/day <li>Small Boat 16 Aluminum 9.9HP $20/hour (min $50) $95/day <li>Large Boat 14' Aluminum Duratech with 35hp Mercury Outboard $175/day <li>Large Boat 18 Fiberglass Starcraft Bowrider 140HP $275/day <br> Guests are welcome to use our rowboat and paddleboat during their stay. </td></tr></table></center> afternoon <b>Boating on Moosehead Lake</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> For those who enjoy boating on fresh water, Moosehead Lake offers the most spectacular location in all of New England. 40 miles long with literally hundreds of miles of shoreline and over 300 islands, the lake boasts some of the finest scenery, private protected cover, crystal clean water, and unparalleled adventure available anywhere in the northeast. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/boats.jpg" align=left> Because of the tremendous amount of space available, boat traffic on the lake is sparse. You can spend a day on Moosehead and feel like you are the only person on the water. Nevertheless, boats of all sizes can be found, from large, three deck cruisers and sail boats to small canoes and fishing boats. Along the shore, there are numerous picnic and camping areas accessible only by boat. Since there is no mooring law, one may drop anchor or spend the night provided you are not infringing on someone's privacy on shore and that you pose no hazard to navigation. Water temperatures in the summer often rise into the lower 70s providing excellent swimming. Source: http://www.mooseheadlake.org/boating.shtml <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/lakedock.jpg" align=right> <br> When it comes to water activities, boating is hard to beat due to its wide range of possibilities. Perhaps the most common is just relaxing and enjoying the surrounding views. For the adventurers, there is no end to what is available. Moosehead Lake, being the largest body of water east of the Mississippi, and with over 40 miles of endless possibilities and approximately 300 islands to explore, is the ideal destination for all of these boating activities. Enjoy an active day of tubing, water skiing, parasailing, or kayaking. Then relax with a more leisurely activity such as fishing, sailing, or canoeing on the open water. Moosehead Lake has many campsites and picnic areas scattered throughout the area that can only be accessed by boat for privacy. While on the water, you can see several other types of boats on the water ranging from party ships with three levels, speed boats, fishing boats, as well as kayaks and canoes. So if you re looking for a great family or group activity, consider visiting Moosehead Lake and take one of these boats out on the water and enjoy some quality time. Source: http://www.mainetodo.com/article647.html </td></tr></table></center> <br><font size=+1> Day 3. <b>Around Moosehead Lake</b> </font><font size=-1> &nbsp; (6 July 2012 Friday) </font> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/greenvillebanner.jpg"></center> <b>Joyride to Greenvile and Kokadjo</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/tokokadjo.jpg" align=left> Since the time of Henry Thoreau's visits in the mid 1800's, the Moosehead Lake Region has been a mecca for people looking for a unique outdoor experience. The region, often referred to as "God's Country" by locals, is still famous for it's abundance of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're seeking to go fishing, hunting, camping, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, exploring, skiing, snowmobiling, golfing, sailing, photography, viewing wildlife or just taking in the natural beauty of the region. You will find the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine to be an incredibly vast, varied and exciting four season vacationland. Source www.moosehead.net <br> The Moosehead Region offers an abundance of choices for the paddle-sport enthusiast. Those seeking a peaceful flatwater glide can sample many quiet ponds, small lakes, meandering streams and bogs, or ply the waters of Moosehead Lake on a windless evening. <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moose2.jpg" align=right> One of the greatest attractions to the Greenville area in the Moosehead Lake Region is the abundance of wildlife. Moose, deer, bears, and other critters can be seen throughout the region. It is a great family experience to take a ride in the evening and see a bull moose feeding on aquatic plants beside the road. One of the easiest ways to see a moose is to simply ride on Rt. 15 between Greenville and Rockwood at sunset during the summer months. The sight of a Majestic Bull Moose or Cow with twin Calves is a must see for everyone who comes to the Moosehead Region. Source http://www.moosehead.net/wildlife/index.html <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/beavercove.jpg" align=left> <br> <b>Greenville</b> At the southern tip of Moosehead Lake --is the main town in the region and is the gateway to the Moosehead Lake Region. With a population of about 1600 year-round residents, Greenville is a quaint town with many local and original retail shops, a hospital, banks, post offices, school, lots of full-service restaurants, gas stations, two grocery stores, and much more! However, the closest Wal-Mart is over an hour drive away, and you won t find a McDonald s here anymore! Source http://mooseheadrentals.com/ <!-- http://mooseheadrentals.com/moosehead_lake.shtml --> <br><b>The Indian Hill Trading Post</b> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/indiastore2.jpg" align=right> From groceries to sporting supplies and boats, Indian Hill has it all, including a gas station open 24 hours a day. No need to stop for anything on the drive up, just pull in at the top of the hill and visit us. Indian Hill Trading Post and Supermarket boast over 35,000 sq. feet of retail space. You can purchase everything from cast iron bean pots to the beans and molasses to go in them. We have a huge selection of camping, hunting, and fishing merchandise. <!-- Almost any sport, any season, we ve got the merchandise you need at the price you want. --> <br> <b>Beaver Cove</b> (eastern shore) is a very popular vacation spot! Beaver Cove has many of the same features as Sandy Bay, including rentals with western exposure, quiet neighborhoods, and dirt roads. A nice feature about the Beaver Cove vacation rentals is that Beaver Cove Marina (where you can rent a boat or launch your own) is within 5 minutes of most homes! <!-- There is also access to nice association beaches with amenities like an outdoor fire pit, picnic table and small playground, depending on which properties you rent. --> <br> <b>Lily Bay </b>(eastern shore) is well-known for Lily Bay State Park. This state park has been here for over 40 years and is situated on 925 acres of unspoiled wilderness and waters. With access to the Lily Bay State Park, visitors can enjoy swimming at a beautiful sandy beach with spectacular views, a boat launch, playground, and walking trails. <br><b>First Roach Pond</b> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kokadjo.jpg" align=left> First Roach Pond is located in Kokadjo (Ko-KAD-jo) with a population,  Not Many! It is about a 25 minute drive north of Greenville following the east side of Moosehead Lake. First Roach Pond is <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/indiastore.jpg" align=right> an 8 mile long, 128 foot deep lake that is great for fishing and the area is heavily populated with wildlife, especially moose. First Roach Pond has brook trout, landlocked salmon and lake trout. Be careful on the 25-minute drive from Greenville, because you never know when you are going to see a moose on the side of the road! Source http://mooseheadrentals.com/moosehead_lake.shtml <br> Another fun thing to do while in the area is go searching for a moose. Head out of Greenville toward Kokadjo and find your way to Roach Pond. There are always a ton of moose wondering along the roadside and often milling around in the swampy areas. This who area has many wildlife sighting opportunities whether it s a moose, deer, fox, you name it, you ll probably find it! <!-- While you are in Moosehead, plan on taking a ride toward Katahdin. --> Source http://www.mainetodo.com/article1148.html </td></tr></table></center> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/girlcanoebanner.jpg"></center> <b>Kayaking Opportunities</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> The Moosehead Lake Region has more fresh water to wander in than any other location throughout <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/canoeists.jpg" align=right> the state of Maine. Lakes, rivers, and ponds are scattered throughout the region, offering many places to paddle. Pristine ponds are fun to explore---when paddling in the early morning or at dusk you are likely to catch a glimpse of a moose. Moosehead Lake, scattered with islands, coves and peninsulas creates an exciting, multi-day journey for experienced paddlers. The waters of Moosehead can change very quickly so be aware of the conditions. If you are seeking privacy and solitude for canoeing and kayaking, scores of smaller lakes, ponds and rivers await you. Some of our favorites are the Wilson Ponds, Prong Pond, First Roach Pond, Brassua Lake, Mountain View Pond, Sawyer and Indian Ponds. These all offer launching but some are carry in. For those of you who would like to experience the beauty and tranquility of gliding across a pond and sneaking up on the wildlife that calls this area their home. Source http://www.mooseheadlake.org/kayaking.shtml </td></tr></table></center> <b>Moose Watching</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moosefight.jpg" align=left> <!-- <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moose5.jpg" align=left> --> Many people come to Moosehead in search of our most famous resident---the moose. Here are some facts and tips that will help you to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. <!-- Some moose facts: --> <li>the flap of skin under the moose's throat is called a BELL <li>moose have no top front teeth and can only see about 25 feet <li>after the first calf, moose quite often have twins <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moosewatch.jpg" align=right> <li>in the Moosehead Lake Region, moose outnumber people 3 to 1 <li>only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and re-grow during the year; the main function of antlers is for display during the mating season <li>the best times to see moose are early in the morning or around dusk <li>moose prefer shady, wet areas such as bogs and marshes. <!-- <li>always be aware when you are driving after dark to be alert for any moose along your way in the road --> <br> Source http://www.mooseheadlake.org/moose.shtml </td></tr></table></center> <br><font size=+1> Day 4. <b>Kayaking Moosehead Lake's West Outlet</b> </font><font size=-1> &nbsp; (7 July 2012 Saturday) </font> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/canoebanneredit.jpg"></center> <b>About Upper Kenebec River</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> The upper Kennebec River serves as the lake s outlet and is located a few miles south of Rockwood on the west shore. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/westoutletmap.jpg" align=right> It is divided into two branches that are referred to as the East and West Outlets. The West Outlet is much smaller and flows for about 8-miles before reaching Indian Pond. The East Outlet is only about 4-miles long, but since it has a much larger volume of water and better flow than the West Outlet, it generally holds many more salmon and trout. <!-- http://maineoutdoors.com/fishing/moosehead.html --> Source http://maineoutdoors.com/ <br> Flowing out of Moosehead to the southwest are its East and West Outlets. The East Outlet is well-known for salmon and brook trout. The East Outlet is one the waters in the Moosehead Region open in October to catch and release fishing, and anglers are beginning to discover this late season opportunity to fish before putting away their rods for the winter. The West Outlet, open to general law fishing, offers both brook trout (yearlings are stocked in the upper reaches each spring) and smallmouth bass fishing. Although much smaller than the East Outlet, an adequate flow all summer allows a leisurely day-long canoe trip down to Indian Pond. <!-- Both the East and West Outlets flow into Indian Pond, where both salmon and smallmouth bass are found. --> <!-- http://www.maine.gov/ifw/fishing/regional_information/region_e.htm --> Source http://www.maine.gov/ </td></tr></table></center> <b>Kayaking the West Outlet</b> 7 miles with Class I rapids <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kayakingwestoutlet.jpg" align=left> A serene and scenic day trip down The West Outlet to the Kennebec River will reward you with good fishing and wildlife viewing. This trip requires that you have a shuttle service at the end, from Indian Pond back up to the head of the river on Route 15. Source http://www.mooseheadlake.org/kayaking.shtml <br> For a great  get away to the wilderness feeling, spend a day paddling the West Outlet to the Kennebec River. This river runs from Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond, and is filled with wildlife and beautiful scenery along the way. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kayaking2e.jpg" align=right> <li>try your skill at maneuvering your kayak or canoe through gentle rapids <li>look for moose, loons, ducks, herons, and eagles <br>Source http://www.mooseheadhills.com/cankayak.asp <br> Of all the rivers to explore, the West Outlet on Moosehead Lake is one of the best. This is a great river for a relaxing paddle. The waterway consists of scenic ponds, quick water and class 1 whitewater (the lowest designation). Along the shore you are also sure to spot nesting bald eagles, scampering beavers or otters, and even loons calling; you may encounter a mighty moose feeding on underwater vegetation. Deer and bear may be spotted along the riverbank and frequently feeding in the shallows may be the Maine Moose! Source http://www.lodgeatmooseheadlake.com/fall_season.html <!-- same text found in http://www.moosemountaininn.com/summerpackages.html --> </td></tr></table></center> <b>Kayaking the East Outlet</b> 4 miles with Class II-III rapids (optional) <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/eastoutletedit.jpg" align=left> At medium water levels, nearly continuous Class II and III rapids make this three-mile section of river from Moosehead Lake to Indian Pond an fun run for the experienced canoeist or intermediate kayaker. Many paddlers use the East Outlet for whitewater instruction and practice, as it is only twenty minutes from Greenville. A logging road to Indian Pond provides take out access. Water level is dam-controlled: call Central Maine Power at (800) 557-3569 for daily level. Source: www.moosehead.net/ <!-- http://www.moosehead.net/paddle/rivers.html --> <br> This river contains many sets of brawling rapids. <!-- so other than people on guided driftboat trips or boaters down at the mouth, almost all the fishing here is done by wading. --> 1200 cubic feet/second is an ideal water level for wading the East Outlet. At around 2000 CFS, the bowling-ball sized rocks found throughout much of the streambed can get quite slick and dangerous. Flows over 3000 CFS makes the river totally unwadeable. Source http://maineoutdoors.com/fishing/moosehead.html </td></tr></table></center> <b>Breakneck Ridge Farm</b> (if time permits) <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/breakneck.jpg" align=left> At 160 Mountain Road, Blanchard Twp, ME. 33 miles and 50 minutes of driving time. <br> Here at Breakneck Ridge Farm in Blanchard, we strive to retain traditional values mixed with modern technology. Until 1993 when Diana started teaching, one hundred percent of our income was derived from our land. We have experimented with various forestry practices on our wood lot. Stephen harvest trees in the winter, does planting and pruning in the spring, and thinning in the summer into fall. We were recognized as Maine s Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 1995 for our efforts. From February through April we are busy in the sugar bush, stretching and replacing lines, gathering, boiling and canning syrup. The farm takes center stage in the summer with buffalo births, fencing, and haying, minor construction projects, and working up firewood for next year s sugaring. <li><b>Maple Syrup</b> Since 1987, we have processed maple syrup here on the farm for retail. The process starts in the summer with the cutting and splitting of firewood to be ready for sugaring the following spring. The sugaring season runs from about the first of March through the middle of April. Tasting samples are given out through out the season. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/breakneck2.jpg" align=right> <li><b>American Buffalo (Bison)</b> <!-- Our farm is tucked in the hills of the beautiful Moosehead Lake Region of Maine. --> Approximately 60 head of American Buffalo flourish on our spacious 45 acres of pasture. Our farmed buffalo is produced with care given to the environment and good animal welfare. We can guarantee the origin, age at slaughter and continued quality of our meat. A relatively new addition to the family farm, these once almost extinct animals now number more then 300,000 head in North America. They are a wild animal, making them somewhat unpredictable. They are quite a bit larger then fallow deer and both the male and female have horns. For these reasons it is best to keep the fence between you and the animal. When bison are born, their average weight is about 30 pounds. Adult males can weigh over 2,000 pounds. Buffalo meat is very low in fat and cholesterol yet high in protein. Buffalo meat is sweeter than beef, is not gamey and is good for you. <li><b>Gift Shop</b> We have our unique gift shop where you will find some neat souvenirs, maple syrup in etched glass, and buffalo meat. In our newest barn there is 6 foot high glass panels on the second floor that overlooks the grazing bison. No need to worry about climbing stairs because the front of the barn at the second story is at ground level. <br> Website http://www.breakneckridgefarm.com/ </td></tr></table></center> <br><font size=+1> Day 5. <b>Kennebunkport</b> and <b>Kittery</b> ME </font><font size=-1> &nbsp; (8 July 2011 Sunday) </font> <center><img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kennebunkportbanner.jpg"></center> 6am thru 11am cottage check out / drive to Kennebunkport ME. Estimated distance 220 miles and 4 hours 30 minutes of driving time <br>11am thru 2pm <b>In Kennebunkport ME</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kennebunkportsign.jpg" align=left> Kennebunkport is an astoundingly picturesque town in York County, Maine. The town centre is located along the Kennebunk River, approximately one half mile (1 km) from the mouth of the river on the ocean. Historically a fishing village, in recent decades the town has become a popular seaside tourist destination with a small district of souvenir shops, art galleries, seafood restaurants, hotels, inns, and bed & breakfasts. Its reputation as a superb community comes from the numerous large seaside estates along Ocean Avenue and other coastal thoroughfares. The famous "Bush Compound" is located on Walker's Point, a peninsula visible from Ocean Avenue. In the summer months, many people from across the Northeast vacation in Kennebunkport, Kennebunk and nearby Goose Rocks Beach. The town is regarded as one of the most romantic vacation areas in the Northeast. Source http://www.kennebunkport.com/ <!-- http://www.kennebunkport.com/info.php --> <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kennebunk1.jpg" align=right> Kennebunk's Lower Village & Kennebunkport's Dock Square, Ocean Avenue, are located along the ocean and Kennebunk River. Settled in the 1600's and a long time ship building mecca, the river banks saw five-masted ships and schooners making their way down the river on their way to the sea. Sea captains built fine mansions, many of which are preserved today as lovely inns with antique charm. Over 100 years ago, this part of the Maine Coast first became a resort destination - today it's "the place to be all year". Unique Gift Shops. Whale Watching & Sailing Excursions. Blowing Cave and Spouting Rock. <br>Cape Porpoise - "The Quiet Side of Kennebunkport". Two miles east of Kennebunkport's Dock Square is the fishing village of Cape Porpoise. Goat Island Lighthouse. Watch Lobstermen working at the Pier. Fabulous Restaurants and Fish Markets. Charming Shops & Galleries. Goose Rocks Beach. Just down the road you'll find this secluded beach. 3 miles of pristine coastline. Source: http://kennebunkport.org/ <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kennebunk2.jpg" align=left> Any day, any season, you'll run out of time before you run out of things to do in the Kennebunks: <li>Stroll wide sandy beaches with spectacular views of the deep blue Atlantic <li>Explore our rugged coastline, with its intricate network of tidal pools <li>Savor the delicate taste of the world's best lobster, caught right off shore and served dockside at any one of several outdoor eateries <li>Browse the charming shops, galleries and antique stores of Arundel, Kennebunkport's Dock Square and the historic village of Kennebunk <br>Source: http://www.visitthekennebunks.com/things_to_do/ </td></tr></table></center> 2pm thru 3pm drive to Kittery ME. Estimated distance 28 miles and 40 minutes of driving time. <br>3pm thru 6pm <b>In Kittery ME</b> <center><table width=96%><tr><td> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kittery2.jpg" align=left> <li><b>Kittery Outlets</b> at 306 State Rd, Kittery ME 03904. The famous Kittery Outlets, less than an hour from Boston with over 120 outlet stores with everyday savings of 20 - 60% off designer labels. Website http://www.thekitteryoutlets.com/ <li><b>Kittery Premium Outlets</b> on Route 1 in Kittery ME. Discover five individual outlet centers offering 65 designer and name brand outlets all located along Route 1 throughout the famed Kittery Outlet Shopping district. <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/kittery1.jpg" align=right> <li><b>Kittery Trading Post</b> Kittery Trading Post has been the place for outfitters with style since 1938. With our help, you can prepare for the great outdoors without sacrificing style. Enjoy your next family camping trip, fishing trip, hike or any other outdoor expedition with comfort in both your preparedness and your looks. At 301 US Route 1, Kittery ME. Website http://www.kitterytradingpost.com/ </td></tr></table></center> 6pm thru 8pm drive home to Norfolk MA. Estimated distance 104 miles and 2 hours of driving time. <br>8pm <b>Home Sweet Home</b> </td> </tr> </table> <br> <img src="/itineraries/2012_maine/moosewatchbanner.jpg"> <br> <table width=300 cellpadding=10> <tr> <td valign=center> Download printer-friendly PDF version: <br><i>(black letters on white background)</i> </td> <td> <a href="/itineraries/pdf-2012-maine.pdf"><img src="/graphics/iconpdf.gif" align=right border=0></a> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body> </html>