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All Three Chelsea Radienxe Qzedell
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Book Antiqua - AaBbCc
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Arial Black - AaBbCc
Arial Narrow - AaBbCc
Impact - AaBbCc
Lucida Sans - AaBbCc
Tempus Sans ITC - AaBbCc
Westminster - AaBbCc
Mistral - AaBbCc

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Dusk Second Opinion Affront Stormy Night
Socialist Communist Pig-headed Guilt-free
Obscurity Hope Autumn Timid
Lemon Sunshine Harvest Nostalgia
Upstart Perseverance Envy Blind Ambition
Reluctant Uncertainty Commitment Malice

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Lace Intuition Pond Raindrops Orchids
Bricks Fractal Silicon Silk Wood
Roses Wild Flowers Mapusok Passion Twister
Acid Ala-ala Blue Sky Pipes Bahay Kubo

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