I am sure you know more than a few domain names like "altavista.com" or "bautistafamily.com". Ever wondered who owns them or how they can be contacted? Or maybe you want to know if a particular domain name you have in mind is already registered or not. Just ask the WWWizard.
Enter domain name:

Notes. Do not enter 'www' or 'http' in front of the domain name. For example, just put "bautistafamily.com" or "yahoo.com". You can also inquire about "Internic handles.". After the result for a domain name inquiry is displayed, you will find the Internic handles of the contact persons. My handle is ARB96 at bautistafamily.com.

Not all top level domains have automated servers that can answer to queries. Check on this list if it is 'okidok' or 'not ok'. If you ask about domains that are 'not ok', you will get a "No match" response.

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